Joy My foundations are born from the deepest part or earth. I am in direct contact with all three elements. The fine raindrops that fall from the sky; Gaia transforms them into pure and crystalline water in my throat. Which I have the joy of providing thirsty mouths with under the spring sun. I enjoy… Continue reading Joy


Moving Moving is important but we need to ask ourselves where we want to go. If we walk through life and run through the planet with no clear path, the furthest we will go is where it all began… Remember that the Earth is round… Physical movement is necessary. If we combine it with moving… Continue reading Moving


Humanity The special race to find other habitable planets confirms that we have always believed that the solution is in the outer Space”, beyond our galaxy. Science is starting to discover this enormous internal universe…Our brain…conceals an inconceivable power. We already know that our heart has its own neurons… My modest contribution is the “excitement”… Continue reading Humanity

Mathematical Philosophy 2

Mathematical Philosophy 2   Problem: + of the same thing = the same for more… result? The key will be the answer to our balance… Your friend,Alain Tello Robledo


Sadness Sadness, you appear without expecting you You are here because the others are away You are the friend of the past which doesn’t show itself in the present You are like a cloud in the sky which absorbs warm sun rays Happiness, I can see you but I can’t feel you I breathe and… Continue reading Sadness


Emotions   Emotions establish our positive and negative outlook on life Maintaining our emotional balance is easy when we have a good base Developing a good base requires effort and perseverance A good base is being able to smile whilst we walk down streets and avenues… Smile when you exercise! You need it for a… Continue reading Emotions

Do you live to eat?

Do you live to eat? Or do you eat to live? It is the “philosophical” dilemma which concerns mundaneness. From the restlessness motivated by an excess of weight and food consumption, stems the colloquial expression “live to eat or eat to live”, intended more towards seeking solace than a solution or answer to an emerging… Continue reading Do you live to eat?


Fashion, the flock’s law! Fashion, this social phenomenon that dictates people’s good taste for a, supposedly, better quality of coexistence. Each social class, each age group, has rules for how people should dress, how they should look, what car they should drive, what phone to have, what to drink, who to meet, which restaurants to… Continue reading Fashion

Transcendental Talent

The Transcendental Talent! In Spanish the word “gift” (ability) has a deeply religious connotation as it is defined as “the special grace or ability to do something, either natural or supernatural, that the christian believer possesses and is given by God”. I feel like this expression should have a broader meaning other than these definitions conditioned… Continue reading Transcendental Talent

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