Because human beings are social animals, the search for friendships has become a competition towards acceptance and success…


The more friends you have, the more chances you have to be accepted by society, to find a job, to meet the ideal partner…  This is the subliminal message that increases selfishness and superficial relationships…


This existential emptiness filled with superficial friends is just a distraction, just a reflection of minds that have lost their vital focus.


Being and not depending!


Friendships, for a long time now, have become an excuse to prevent boredom, because of the fear of spending some instants alone.


True friendships, that arise without searching for them while crossing the valleys and meadows of our existences, where few words are necessary to share love and harmony as the sole spiritual presence is enough, are disappearing because of lost minds that pay more attention to distraction than complicity, intimacy.


People look for influential friendships to try to protect themselves from the insecurities and fears created by the collective imagination, to better “channel” the future of the masses…


Belonging to a social group has been sought-after in order to feel accepted, strong and protected from the silence and the misunderstood solitude.

Superficial friendships are often prioritized over the deep and serious relationships; weakening the faith in oneself.


Superficial friendships are the relationships of weak minds and unconscious egos.

True, sincere and deep friendships can only be manifested from the connection of the essences, spirits. Sometimes transforming friends in life partners, endearing friends, accomplices for all eternity, no matter what…

Many call me friend after sharing my permanent spiritual retreat in the Valley of Hortunas ♥♥♥, needing to ease their sensitive minds from worries and fears… Until they don’t need to disturb my silence anymore because they have recovered their faith in themselves. Only then we are united from the distance, in silence, by the transcendental friendship that only loves, doesn’t divide, doesn’t possess, doesn’t judge. Then my marvelous “loneliness” is filled of collective peace for the sake of the All; united by the “Energy” of… sharing what is offered…


I have to speak a lot these days to tend to restless, lost minds, that are trying to understand that nothing has to be understood, which ends with a transcendental love hug with no need to say or to hear a word, uniting body, mind and spirit…


During these times of big distractions and fears, there will always be the honest, selfless friendship between humans and Nature and all its wild or tamed beings. In this dimension we only share without needing to utter a word. “Universal harmony” is shared in silence.


The day that all human beings around the world stop searching outside for the “friendship” within them, humanity will be united again in peace and harmony with the All. Transcendental Friendship.


I am not the friend of your mind, but I love you from spirit to spirit.


Thank you! I am grateful.


Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo

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“Alain Tello Robledo”


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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