Mini Gym Zen

Mini Gym Zen


Sport meditation


The Mini Zen Gym of AtelTrainer’s Center, was born to transmit the concept of “sport meditation” that, in the past, I divulged as a personal trainer of deep fitness that I called zen fitness.


Exercising at an aerobic level of gentle but constant intensity in the middle of nature, with no other stimulus and objective than the deep feeling of the body in its cardio vascular and muscular adaptation, sometimes with closed eyes, elevates the practitioner in self-awareness and union of body-mind-essence.


It is not a gym as such. There are two machines and an inversion table that are placed outside for participants to practice sports meditation as therapeutic purpose.

Elliptical – Horizontal Bicycle – Inversion Table

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Based on the first two AtelTrainer books "Holistic Psycho-Fitness" and "Zen Sport”.

The Mini Zen Gym in the AtelTrainer Center is exclusively for participants of retreats and ancestral healing courses.

Years ago, the great shift for humanity began, for the good of this wonderful Planet. Nowadays, we are in the final transition …


From the near past until today, the way to do sport is based on reaching external objectives, on being recognised, accepted by the masses, and struggling to maintain the eternal youth. What collective ignorance ! 


Perhaps in the past it made sense to “give it all” in youth, since life expectancy was much shorter, and old age lasted only a few years before death. 


By then people lived only the first and second age. Today, according to the increasing life expectancy, people live longer, crossing first, second, third ages, and now fourth is emerging. Very soon we will talk about the fifth age. 


In the past, people jumped from first age to second and final age.


As it is said above, nowadays life expectancy has skyrocketed enormously, and science says that the human beings who will live for 150 years have already been born, if they live according to a peaceful way of life. More information in books I and II.


AtelTrainer, in addition to offering courses and treatments of ancestral healing and transcendental, universal knowledge, shares another way to exercise in order to travel the wonderful and long road that Existence wants us all to live in fullness. 


Clinging to youth is not the goal, since fighting against the passage of time is not worth it, it is a waste of time and energy to want to remain in perpetual youth. 


The transcendental objective is that during youth we prepare ourselves for the third, fourth and fifth ages, enjoying every moment of doing and not doing.  


Governments have been forced to delay retirement ages as it will be impossible to pay for retirement plans in the future, because more retired people (old) and less young people (working). Worldwide economies cannot support the growing number of retirees whose  life expectancy is steadily growing.


We have to prepare ourselves to be active, happy and healthy throughout our existence, until the day of our departure. Then, people will not be stressed out by the superficial and unhealthy issues.  Work obligations will be reduced as the years go by, but people will be pleased to be always active.

Elliptical – Horizontal Bicycle – Inversion Table

As I explain in my first book “Holistic Psycho-Fitness”, the way to exercise according to modern sports practices, speaks of “willpower” to overcome oneself, to achieve external goals, trophies, medals, ranking.


Training hard to achieve external goals, encourages a struggle of self-improvement, leading to great frustrations when goals have not been achieved, and opening the door to more or less severe and irreversible injuries.


The physical effort required by one’s “willpower” to achieve self-imposed goals is so enormous that it can only be practiced in youth, ruining the coming years of maturity due to  so many injuries and frustrations.


The AtelTrainer anti method exchanges the 42 km of a marathon for the 42 years of the existential marathon, uniting body, mind and Essence, to live in growing and lasting fulfilment.


There is no greater achievement in this life than to reach an advanced age with a good physical condition, adapted, of course, to said age.

As I say many times, focus on practicing activities that you will be able to practice when you are older.


The Mini Zen Gym is a complement to the practice of healing yoga, healing meditation, and transcendental walks, which mobilise low, deep and sensitive physical intensities, which in turn consolidate the mind-body-essence union as they are practiced.


The Mini Zen Gym based on AtelTrainer’s philosophy “Fitness-Zen AtelTrainer – The Art of Living”, transmits healthy cardiovascular practices without marked or planned objectives, goals. 


Overcoming kindly and naturally, by feeling the intensity, time and frequency of necessary trainings and according to perceptions sensitivity that will translate the body’s internal needs. Then, the mind learns, little by little, to substitute the projection towards external goals which encourage “willpower” and “obsessions and addictions to sport”, with “willpower, without power” but with the constancy to grow a flexible, harmonious lifestyle, based on the deep feeling of what both body and mind need. 


Every day our body and mind have different needs. 


We have to be aware that smooth movement is vital for the functioning of our body over the years.


To continue imposing on oneself the obligation to reach high external objectives at all costs, is to silence the voice of the body that manifests itself through feeling. Not listening to oneself internally is the same as favouring injuries and the premature ageing of joints due to wear and tear and repetitive impacts.  


The achievements you do of today to be admired, to be accepted, to be the best, become the mental, emotional and physical frustrations of tomorrow.

Rigid training = Rigid mind!


Flexible but constant training = flexible and persevering Mind!


  Between Laziness and Willpower, there is Balance, which means “Power without Will”!


One type of training destroys, and the other maintains and improves one’s overall health in the long run.


Only a healthy lifestyle is the source of perennial health and wellness.


A more balanced lifestyle between active and sedentary life = less need to compensate by sweating and martyring the body and mind.

Inversion Technique: 

The Mini Zen Gym inversion table is also a complement to the practice of yoga and healing meditation, and transcendental walks that AtelTrainer shares in the Valley.


Excerpt from first AtelTrainer’s book “Psycho-Fitness Holistic “:


Unlike what most people think, inversion techniques within yoga are thousands of years old. 


In 400 B.C. Hippocrates was known as the father of medicine, using ropes and pulleys to hoist up people with back pain. Yoga followers called it sirshasana “queen of asanas”. 


The headstand yoga pose is one of twelve yoga poses which is considered as a remedy for many illnesses. This pose requires a high implementation and technical capacity to prevent injuries. It should be carried out the under the supervision of a qualified Yoga instructor. 


The main benefits of practicing the “sirshasana” posture are: 


  • General activation of the body’s circulation, in particular the brain 
  • Increase of neuronal oxygenation
  • Increased thinking capacity
  • Alleviated insomnia
  • Recovered memory loss
  • Regulated body temperature
  • Improved natural defences of the body
  • It encourages clear ideas
  • Relaxes, calms and encourages physical and psychological balance
  • Helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause 
  • Decompresses intervertebral discs 
  • Reduces the strain on the heart.


History of inversion table:


In the sixties, inversion therapy became popular in the United States thanks to Dr. Robert Martin, who invented the “Gravity Guiding System” to relieve back pain and correct bad posture. 


In the seventies, Dr. Martin developed an inversion table. 


Gravity boots also became popular back then. However their use required to have a great physical condition in order to be able to suspend off a bar, by just using the strength in the arms and abdominal muscles. The use of these boots doesn’t allow the degree of inversion to be controlled easily. 


Throughout the years, medical science has studied this inversion technique to discuss whether it is an efficient treatment for back pain. Medical science came to the conclusion that the fears over this therapy were exaggerated and that it did not present any risk to the human body and could actually be beneficial to most, except for the people suffering from glaucoma, retinal detachment, heart problems, serious injuries to the spine, prosthesis or pregnancy etc. 


In the nineties, these research results boosted the popularity of the inversion technique once again. Today, it is very popular among people who have back problems. 


In compliance with the AtelTrainer philosophy of only using healthy and low or zero risk methods, the AtelTrainer Anti-Method prefers to use the inversion table over other inversion techniques, as it is more comfortable for practicers. It also allows them to progressively adapt to the antigravity effects. 


From my point of view, being comfortably held up by the feet stretches the joints and muscles and decompresses the intervertebral discs far more than the “sirshasana” pose, although I have great respect and admiration for this ancient technique.




  • Do not spend more than 5 minutes with the inversion technique. 
  • Check the face’s color. 
  • Pay attention to your body, breathing and sensations should be smooth and pleasant. 
  • Progressively return to the normal, upright, position.
  • Some people can fall asleep with such a relaxing technique. 

The spine isn’t prepared to be in that position for a long period of time, thus, going over 5 minutes per session isn’t recommended. 


The inversion technique can be a good complement to maintain / improve your overall wellbeing, but it has to be used properly. 

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