Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga

Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga

It is one of the subjects of the ancestral healing course.


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It was not just a technique established through asanas (postures) and meditative practices. It was and still is, in its purity, a philosophy of life.


“Yoga”, the Sanskrit word for ‘union’.
It is one of the basic doctrines of Hinduism, possibly the main religion in India and neighboring countries.


Today the word Yoga is heard much more frequently than a few decades ago. Probably because of the need to find emotional balance in these destabilizing times.


There are more than 28 known Yoga styles:
Karma Yoga – Bhakti Yoga – Gñana Yoga – Raja Yoga – Hatha Yoga – Kundalini Yoga – Yoga Integral – Mantra Yoga – Kriya Yoga – Yoga nidra – Vinyasa Yoga – Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga – Yoga Anusara Yoga – Restorative Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga – Bikram Yoga – Aero Yoga – AcroYoga – Yin Yoga – Yoga in Couple – Power Yoga – Rocket Yoga – Sivananda Yoga – Yoga for pregnant women – Yoga for children and family – Jivamukti Yoga, etc.


Most styles are contemporary, called by some “physical Yoga”.
Just as it happened with other disciplines such as traditional Martial Arts, etc., other interpretations, based on the sensitivity of some Masters, have been done to adapt these disciplines to other cultures and philosophies.
The funny thing is that some people had the need to patent their versions. With what intention?
Transcendental spiritual knowledge is universal and does not belong to the person who divulges it. Only some of us are lucky enough to be able to remind it to those who are prepared and share it selflessly for a better world.


Yoga has become so popular in our days, that the main focal point of the practice is the physical and aesthetic part, aiming to do complicated asanas. I call it “Instagram Yoga”.
Some styles are very dynamic and physical, being unintentionally close to physical and competitive sports.
“Physical Yoga” activates the body and mind much more than a “sensitive/intuitive Yoga”.


Like any intense sport, “physical Yoga” stimulates the creation of endogenous drugs (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline) that naturally modify moods and alter consciousness, just as exogenous drugs (heroin, cocaine, cannabis, coffee, etc.) do. Undoubtedly healthier, but still generating dependence on the fleeting good sensations.


“Sensitive-Intuitive Yoga” decreases considerably the dependency on the so called “hormones of happiness”, favoring a long-lasting good feeling and “peace” from the essence during and after the practice. It favors a more balanced lifestyle, reducing the need to compensate.


Instagram Yoga is the Yoga of the ego. Although there are no visible medals to win, or there is no open competition, there is unconsciously, to a greater or lesser extent, a fight of egos among practitioners to be the most flexible, the best. More of the same!
This fact fills “commercial” yoga classes with athletic people and sets aside less physically flexible people and perhaps more needed and prepared to make this world better and kinder. People who seek to connect with the sincerity of others to strengthen their own inner harmony “energy”.


In many modern yoga classes, they tell you empty words with a double standard, they tell you to go as far as you can without hurting yourself, but the teacher invites you to put “your leg behind your head”. There is an energetic communication that says something different and clashes with the honesty of sensitive people. Coherence between what is said and what is done must exist.
It is also true that this situation is an extra motivation for the ones who are just starting, to not pay attention to others and focus on themselves, with affection, regardless of the goal or of what others may think or say. Quite possibly this practitioner will connect much more with Yoga’s true and pure philosophy, that unites and does not divide, starting with oneself.

There is a big business around Yoga, classes, outfits, retreats, Yoga teacher training courses, for which you need to pay for a 200-300 hours long course. And if the training is in India, much better (marketing). There are even Yoga courses that teach marketing strategies to get numerous clients.
It is impossible to master Yoga in just a few weeks, no matter how much you pay. You will only have time to learn about anatomy, theory, theology and superficial implementation of some learned asanas. Many Yoga courses are offered within the framework of professional training, when it is pure vocation.
To be a master of certain millenary disciplines, many years of practice are required, and we must be freed from what is destabilizing, in order to guide prepared people towards their “body-mind-spirit” liberation with total sincerity, for a better world. There are things that cannot be bought!
I fully understand the displeasure and discomfort of some traditional Yoga Teachers and practitioners who struggle to maintain the purity of their ancestral teaching and practice, as they suffer this avalanche of commercial and superficial Yoga.


In the past, Masters chose their disciples to guarantee the transmission of knowledge with sincere practice. Today, because of the social system, disciples of the past have disappeared to become modern Yoga “clients”, who choose their teachers according to their physical abilities and how fun and distracting their classes are, outlining a superficial spirituality in many cases.
Let us take care of the purity and sincerity of the teaching in these superficial times of camouflaged egos.


To be a “Master” you must first have crossed the main “difficulties” of your disciples to facilitate their liberations. This cannot be bought!
The clients of today want to imitate their teachers. A Master helps their disciples to follow their own path of “self-liberation”.


Let us unite all teachings and wisdoms for global plenitude.

Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga by AtelTrainer

After half century of life experience, AtelTrainer was born, it is nothing more than a name that reflects my career as a person and practitioner of many sports and spiritual disciplines described on my website, “Sport book” section.


AtelTrainer shares a fusion of techniques and practical philosophies of Eastern and Western cultures, mainly from Japan, China and India.
It is the fusion of liberation techniques through spiritual physical exercises (intuitive-sensitive healing yoga, tai chi), spiritual practices through transcendental healing meditation and Taoist walks, ancestral healing techniques merging forgotten wisdoms, which I prefer to call medicine of spirit. And, above all, away from all religion and mundane beliefs.


What I call Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga, is the result of the fusion of: Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Japanese Shiatsu, the art of traditional Japanese Martial Arts, Transpersonal Physiotherapy, and Taoist Philosophy put into practice.


Right now, I only share Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga practices during individual, or very reduced group, transcendental healing retreats in the AtelTrainer Center, which is my current indefinite spiritual retreat from several years ago in the Valley of Hortunas de Arriba, Spain.


The participants of the retreats I share and who seek liberation, cannot be encouraged for customer loyalty. In fact, they can only join a retreat a maximum of two times, one in a small group retreat and the other in an individual one. Liberation or loyalty!
This is possible because after the retreat they have remembered how to take care of their body-mind-spirit by uniting them affectionately, especially their spine. They have connected with the way of exercising from the essence. They have connected with their inner peace, making it easier for the mind to return to it in destabilizing moments. They have felt something that cannot be understood and even less explained from a rational point of view without falling into the fantasy of words.


It helps participants to connect at a practical level with their heart, with their essence. That means, with the energy that gives life to their bodies and minds.
Transcendental energy treatments are combined with those practices to release energy blockages, thus facilitating the path of no return to perennial liberation.


In earthly life, the majority is guided by their minds, by their memories, prejudices, beliefs, fears, and we all already know the result on a planetary level.
Or let yourself be guided by your intuition. The voice of your essence, the intelligent vital energy. To achieve that minds must be prepared to transcend, to make way for the faith in oneself and in existence and stopping wanting to understand. Only feeling the existence’s divinity. I explain it better in my fourth book, “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.


AtelTrainer, named method, which is nothing more than a practical lifestyle according to transcendental reality. The AtelTrainer Transcendental Spiritual Center of Hortunas of Ancestral Healing, and my books, have been born from my intuition after traversing through illnesses and inculcated fears …


The Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga by Ateltrainer favors the above mentioned, practicing without naming the asanas to help minds relax and not want to memorize, just to feel the compensatory exercises by listening to the voice of intuition.
At the beginning it is practiced in groups guided by my intuition. Inviting participants to follow their own sensations and paces during the deep stretching and even more during the “un-stretching”.
When our body needs food, we eat.
When our body needs water, we drink.
When we feel sleepy, we sleep.
When a joint, muscle, ligament is “stressed”, we stretch with care, encouraging love and connection with oneself.


Through Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga practices, balanced lifestyles are fomented at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Then, with little daily practices, every practitioner will discover the stretches “asanas without name” by listening to their daily needs and not following a memorized chain of learned asanas.


In our life small details are moving us closer to or further away from ourselves. We get closer through listening to the messages our essences send through our bodies.
Masters become a mirror of their disciples. And not an example to follow, inviting practitioners to discover their limitations and their loving capacity to free themselves.


The “unnamed asana” becomes a felt asana, an intuitive asana.
Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga doesn’t care about achieving the “asana without name” but surrendering with deep affection to the feeling of the body and internal energetic moves, that positively affect the nervous system during the process of stretching and “un-stretching” towards the “asana with no name” chosen, regardless of the results.


There is no risk of injury at all when realizing “the nameless asanas” because it is done very slowly, paying full attention to the feeling of muscular and joint limitations. This is possible because there is no position to get to, the goal is to approach it carefully. We focus on the process and not on the culmination.


The intention of the Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga practices is to make minds more flexible, rather than achieving a much more flexible body. This intention will grow with time and will accompany the day to day with another level of consciousness.


Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga is influenced by Transcendental Healing Meditation, Taoist philosophy and Tai Chi, and only promotes the bare minimum necessary daily dedication through a lifestyle harmonious with oneself and with the environment, to keep the body-mind-spirit together (balanced). Everyone needs to improve their own lifestyle.
For most people’s daily life, it does not make sense to spend years and years training to achieve the feat of putting “one leg behind the head”. Only by practicing the liberation of all muscular and joint chains from the transcendental liberation intention, and at functional level, is it enough to walk through life, ever lighter and freer, without obsessions or fears.


It is a preparation to culminate with a deep yogic practice that transforms and heals, which is practicing alone with no more distraction than the full feeling of oneself with the environment and the Universe.


To be a Practitioner or Disseminator of the practical philosophy of Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga, it helps to have experience in an original Yoga style like Hatha Yoga.


The Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga by Ateltrainer is not another style as such, which aims to differentiate itself from other styles by thinking that it is better. It is a fusion and simplification of all the original styles from the philosophy of the transcendental reality of the new times to come. I thank all the Masters of all styles and times again and again for their enormous contribution to achieve a better world. But now it is time to unify and simplify knowledge, far away from all religious connotations and personal interests or worldly beliefs.


The divided wisdoms of the past are now ingredients for a “united” universal wisdom.
They are times in which the Masters have to disappear to give way to individual-collective mastery.


Now is the time to remind human beings of their great potential and mission in this dimension and to really stop looking outside for what we all have inside: love, peace and harmony that unites us all, beings of all dimensions.


Practicing without thinking or expecting anything in return, following our intuition and feeling the voice of our body, is the secret for deep liberation. Connecting with the sincere intention will make it increase, in union with the “Source ♥”. Energy that gives life to life itself in this earthly dimension. There, there will be no fear nor doubt … ♥


The “union” and effort that define the traditional Yoga philosophy, talks of an effort far superior to the physical effort to achieve goals. The effort of uniting body-mind-spirit is the greatest effort for the restless and protective mind that doesn’t know how to stop as it cannot stop. Then the mind switches from thinking to feeling.
Transcendental effort is to help the mind to abandon itself, to do nothing, to make way for the voice of its essence.
If you force a muscle or joint to gain flexibility, they will defend themselves (inner struggle), or you can lovingly abandon yourself to the stretch by deeply feeling, relaxing the muscle and joint to release them, while respecting their limitations. This is transcendental Love. The patience and the acceptance of oneself grow.
Physical Yoga practice blocks or reduces the passage of vital energy and Intuitive-Sensitive Yoga favors the opening of the seventh Chakra, as I explain in my fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

Synopsis of the third book “Transcendental Training”:

Your gym is the world
Your coach is your essence
Your training plan is your lifestyle
Your goal is to live in peace
Your house is the Universe
Your energy is ♥

I share intuitive-sensitive healing yoga during the transcendental spiritual healing retreats

Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo

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