Video call/telephone treatment for former patients

Video call/telephone treatment for former patients

Support for people who have already participated in an ancestral healing retreat or treatment.  


Ancestral Healing is Universal and complementary to Scientific Medicine.
Far from religions and beliefs!


Life has granted me the ability to help people from the distance through video and phone call, and something else that cannot be explained…

After having received a retreat or ancestral healing treatment, and despite being completely healed, the participant may on rare occasions need support to rebalance after experiencing life’s ups and downs.

It is an effective treatment when the person receiving it is receptive. It is therefore only available to people who have already met us and got prepared to transcend .

Treatment protocol:

When it is the first time for a remote treatment.:

  1. Fill out the inscription form and pay the treatment by bank transfer (flat rate).
  2. Agree on a date and time to schedule the session by WhatsApp (0034 655 40 10 44). Available Monday to Sunday, from 8:30 a.m to 10:00 pm, 365 days a year.
  3. The client/patient will receive the video call through WhatsApp at the scheduled time and, after a brief energetic diagnosis and explanation, the treatment will start. The first treatment will take place as a video call, and the remaining two will normally be conducted through a normal phone call because of the patient’s need to lay down and relax.


In case of urgent attention, the phone therapy will start as soon as possible.  The therapist always needs a few minutes to get to their “Spiritual Energetic place” and  connect with deep “concentration”, before starting the phone therapy.


Legally be an adult, or have a written parental authorization.

Have reviewed the preparation for treatment, detailed in the “Get ready to receive the treatments” section: of the program Videocall/telephone treatment for new patients. Click here. 

The Ancestral Healer will  call at the scheduled and confirmed time to initiate the treatment,  the patient has to be lying face up, wearing comfortable and loose clothes (that aren’t restrictive), in a quiet and warm place, covered by a sheet or blanket, without noise, without any company. If there were another person or animal in the room, the TV… the energy vibrations of both could distort the channelling, thus losing the effectiveness of the treatment.  The patient will place their hands-free phone near one ear, or wear headphones as a last resort. The patient will remove all objects such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, and tight clothing.

After the treatment, when communication is over, the patient should  remain lying down for as long as possible, resting, in order to favor the process of energy re-stabilization.

If the patient isn’t sincere, beside the fact the Ancestral Healer may notice it, the patient will lose all the effectiveness of the treatment. Thus ending the treatment with no refund possible. When the mind is activated, hemispheres are activated too, radiating the mental energy that stops the Universe’s Energy from easily entering through the seventh chakra…

There is no phone roaming cost as the communication is done via WhatsApp, it is important that both therapist and patient are fully prepared and ready as required at the moment of establishing the phone communication.

Duration of the session: between 15 and 30 minutes.

Countries:  Worldwide –  by WhatsApp.

Local time: Spain.

Languages: English, Spanish, French.

No side-effects.

No pain. No inconvenience.

Deeply relax mind and body.

Online treatment fee for ancient participants or complementary treatment after having received the in-situ treatment: 


Payment form:

  • Bank transfer: Request bank account number.
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