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Far away from any religion!

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To live is to let the Existence surprise us.

The lost mind is not guilty of the collective ignorance, it is its victim.

May your mind learn to truly connect with your Essence-Heart, then your intuition will guide you 24 hours a day.

Beyond life itself, there is the energy that gives life.

Transcendental union walks in the opposite direction to social beliefs and known spirituality.

All beings on this marvelous planet share the same universal destiny.

Far from all religion and human belief.

Alain Tello Robledo
(AtelTrainer’s Founder)

Video : The planet of the New World Beingist

“Union between all Beings”


Far from all religions and beliefs…



The Center pics

Main Treatment room
Dojo - Ashram room
Dojo - Ashram room
Dojo - Ashram
Center Changing room
Center changing room 1
Changing room shower
Art terrace
Family pool
Outdoor solar shower
100% renewable energy
Own pure drinking water
Toilet paper incinerator
100% Black water relicensing
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Photos Retreats

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Valley of Hortunas pics

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