Online Ancestral Healing Course


Individual !

Who is this course for?

This course is directed only to people prepared to transcend and who wish to collaborate in the near future as “Ancestral Healers” in the Clinics, Hospitals and Transcendental Centers of Ancestral Healing in the World, coordinated by the AtelTrainer Foundation. Union between Scientific Medicine and Ancestral Healing – Universal Medicine.


To pass the course means to become an elected candidate to cooperate in the future Clinics, Hospitals and AtelTrainer Centers in the World, which will be materialized as soon as we obtain the necessary resources through the sale of books and donations, and which go beyond humanitarian aid.  More information about the jobs of the initial phase, click here!


After successfully completing the course,  students will be able to offer their services as an Ancestral Healer according to the conditions detailed below in “Conditions and Advantages“, with the support of AtelTrainer.  


They will have the priority of being part of the AtelTrainer team as an Ancestral Healer to attend future Clinics and Centers, as detailed in the “AtelTrainer Foundation” section.

Fluent English language is mandatory.

A Scientific Physician can be both a Doctor and an Ancestral Healer as these disciplines are complementary, one being the treatment of symptoms and pain and the other, the application of healing.


A therapist in alternative medicine is not compatible with Ancestral Healing.



Who is an Ancestral Healer?

Being an Ancestral Healer is part of a lifestyle, far from religions, known spirituality, and human beliefs.


An Ancestral Healer communicates with the dimension of the Essences.


An Ancestral Healer communicates with the Essence of the patient to apply the correct and effective treatment.


An Ancestral Healer speaks the true Universal language that unites all beings.


An Ancestral Healer heals beyond the patient…


An Ancestral Healer is akin to “Beingist“.


An Ancestral Healer loves on the transcendental level ♥︎


Ancestral Healers should not combine or practice other healing or spiritual techniques, as they would gradually lose the connection with their own Essences, because they are contradictory.

More information about Ancestral Healing in the fourth AtelTrainer book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing“.


AtelTrainer’s Team

Facilitated by:

Weare (Alain Tello Robledo) ♥

Volunteer assistants (Masters):

Massiel García Carpio ♥
Chantal Tello García ♥

Throughout the year, subject to availability.

  • Location: Online.
  • Media: Telephone and video conference (WhatsApp).

  • Conducted in English or Spanish or French, depending on participant’s language.

  • Course duration: between 10 and 12 weeks.
    Booking: At any time of the year, according to availability.
    Number of students per online class: 1.
    Price: 1,800 euros, VAT included.
    Included: All six AtelTrainer books as course material (will be sent free of charge to students at the time of registration and payment).

Payment form:

  • Bank transfer: Request bank account number.

Application for course registration:

Before applying for the telephone interview mentioned below, the applicant has to follow the steps of the Ancestral Healing Treatment, as if they were preparing for the “on-site” Treatment. Doing so will help determine if this course is really for you, and will prepare you for the aptitude evaluation phone interview. Click here!


To assess whether you are ready to take this course, please follow the next steps. 

  • Request an initial telephone interview via WhatsApp 0034 655401044 (Spain time).



  • Send to the email
    • Read, accept and sign the “General Conditions“.
    • Letter of intent, detailing personal situation, family, studies, work experience, any illness, disorder, or addiction (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.), and why you want to take this course.

Online class schedule:

Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm, according to availability (Spanish time).


The weekly schedule of online classes (days and hours) is agreed upon with each student.  

Duration and frequency of online classes:

Minimum three 50 to 70-minute-long online classes per week. 


There might be weeks with classes or video-conference calls every day to reinforce the student’s progress.

When does the course end?

The course ends when  students are considered able to transcend spontaneously, and have internalized the minimal transcendental knowledge indispensable to be able to act as an Ancestral Healer.


The final evaluation will depend on two factors:


  1. Continuous evaluation of aptitude and participation.
  2. Spontaneous written test at the end of the course.


The student will have up to 12 weeks to pass the final written test conditioned by spontaneity. 


Requirements for taking the online course:


The five AtelTrainer books as course material (will be sent free of charge to students at the time of registration and payment).

Individual online program:

Week 1, 2 :

  • Interview and presentation.

  • Ancestral Healing Treatments by telephone at “Essence spectrum”, to liberate students from blockages. The guideline will depend on the situation of each person.

  • Introduction to Transcendental Knowledge.

  • Introduction to Ancestral Healing.

  • Reception of the 5 AtelTrainer books that will serve as intellectual support for the transmission of knowledge.  The student should read them carefully in the first weeks, in chronological order.

  • Reading of books 1 and 2.

Week 3 :

Week 4 :

Week 5 :

Week 6 :

  •  Introduction to liberating sounds and self-practice.
  • Reading book 4.
  • Practicing what was previously transmitted.

Week 7 :

  • Introduction to intuition and practical exercises with online partner. 
  • Reading book 5.
  • Practicing what was previously transmitted.

Week 8 :

  • Introduction to pendulum treatment and practices with oneself, friends and family.
  • Reading book 5.

Week 9 :

Week 10 :

  • Introduction to needle treatment and practice with oneself, friends and family.

Week 11 :

Week 12 :

  • End of the course. 
  • Written exam on spontaneity.

12 months practices

  • Passing the course confirms the aptitude of the Student, but they will need to practice regularly for about twelve months to acquire the intuitive ability of an Ancestral Healer.
  • Assistance by AtelTrainer.

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The pace of the course will be adapted to each student’s tempo, and the course can be finished earlier than what is stated above.


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Students/apprentices who are considered qualified will receive a Certificate of Aptitude.


Other students will receive a Certificate of Participation.


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Essential reading:

People live disconnected from their vital energy, their 7th chakra is blocked with exaggerated and endless activation of their cerebral hemispheres. This is the cause of diseases and imbalances in our modern societies.


Even pets are getting sick because of the lifestyles of their “owners”.


The need to understand, the shutting of the door of their Intuition, and the silencing of the voices of the Essence, take one farther away from a Transcendental Balance.


Faith in oneself can only truly appear when the Essence manifests itself.


Modern medicine and other alternatives only treat the symptoms, and never really actually cure patients. They are mainly used to offer relief or maintain a patient’s condition and their dependence in chemical or natural medicines.


This Ancestral Healing course aims to liberate students/trainees in the first phase (with transcendental treatments), and to guide them afterward to a higher level of consciousness.


It will allow prepared students to apply ancestral healing therapies and heal from their Essences.


Students/trainees must be ready to transcend. For this reason they must join this training course motivated by their own Intuition and innate sensitivity. This training is not suited to those who wish to embellish their curriculum vitae.


Trainees who wish to join this course should do so with open hearts and empty minds from their Intention/Intuition. Others skills such as Reiki can disturb or limit the transcending process, as transcendental, ancestral healing is completely different to all known techniques and knowledge.



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Recommendations and prohibitions:

  • Fingernails of those attending the course must be short, in order to be able to practice the techniques of an Ancestral Healer.
  • In order to become an Ancestral Healer it is totally forbidden to have any addictions (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.).
  • The participant can’t have been medicated and in psychiatric treatment for the last year.


Any non-compliance may be grounds for expulsion without refund.


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Religion, known spirituality, and rational minds, have existed for centuries, framing the evolution of man until today. The result of this evolution is:  the division of humanity, violence, wars, hunger, inequalities, pandemics, death of the planet…


I do not understand how humanity, after so many warnings of Existence through climate change, melting of the poles, global pollution, pandemics, etc, has not woken up from its collective ignorance.


Humanity is waiting to be “vaccinated” against the “evils” in order to continue doing the same thing, which is equivalent to saying, to continue destroying the future of newer generations and the entire Planet, all for wanting to maintain an erroneous and destructive lifestyle for fear of the unknown.


 Universal Message of the book III


Published in 2016.




Alain Tello Robledo


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