AtelTrainer’s Books


Laic – far from religions

The AtelTrainer’s Method is the method of anti-method.

AtelTrainer does not belong to known spirituality, it is “Beingist” (Union of all Beings).


These AtelTrainer’s books  have therapeutic purposes from the transcendental knowledge to prepare the Ancestral Healing process. 

They should be read in a relaxed manner, without trying to understand, memorize, just read, feel, and less trying to remember or analyze its content. This would activate the cerebral hemispheres. 


The physical part of the books can be seen and touched, but not the energy of the liberating knowledge that surrounds them.

The books written by Alain Tello Robledo are more valuable than the author himself.


The author has written knowledge that belongs to all of us, for a better world. 


All resources gotten from the sale of the books and donations are destined for the constitution and the establishment of the future AtelTrainer Foundation, whose main mission is to heal children affected by incurable diseases, and the fauna and ecosystems in danger of extinction.


The importance of the author lies in the importance of his works and actions that emanate from his intuition, language of the Existences.

If you are looking for a method that will tell you what to do, do not buy the AtelTrainer books, you will save money and spare yourself a disappointment.


However, if you need your mind released, your body healed, while being ready to be guided by your own Essence, then I invite you to carefully read  the AtelTrainer’ books of the anti-method, based on the Transcendental Knowledge that belongs to all of us. Read from the feeling and not the mind.


Your purchase will help us to finance the AtelTrainer Foundation (Transcendental Clinics to help children and young people with terminal illnesses).  Thank you!

Book I

First AtelTrainer book.
Through sport, Alain opens the door to another dimension of physical exercise to free oneself from false sporting and social beliefs.

Book II

Second AtelTrainer book.
Delves deeper into the transformation of sport to reach unsuspected goals. Deep knowledge is the key to perennial liberation.

Book III

Third AtelTrainer book. Immersing the reader in transcendental knowledge, far from the reality invented by mankind.

Book IV

Fourth AtelTrainer book. Fusion of medical knowledges for the expansion of ancestral healing, in order to recover vital balance, and to live in fullness on this wonderful planet…

Book V

Fifth AtelTrainer book.

The New World, is the existential reason of Alain Tello Robledo, to help people to be prepared for the coming horizon for humanity.

Book VI

Sixth AtelTrainer book.

People will heal and free themselves from all their fears, illnesses, to live in harmony. They will be witnesses and protagonists of the future …


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