Alain Tello Robledo, founder of AtelTrainer, while being far from society, religions and beliefs for many years, has made it his life’s mission to spread ancestral healing from transcendental knowledge, to free people and beings from suffering, illnesses and emotional and mental disorders. 

As humanity recovers its well-being in union with Existence, the balance of ecosystems and life on Earth will undoubtedly be recovered.

Alain, born in 1961, suffered from chronic allergic asthma since a young age, from myopia since he was 30 years old, and from generalised anxiety with pharmacological treatment of “Trankimazin” (anxiolytics) for 16 years.

His deepest unrest made him leave society, friends and family around 2014-15, to isolate himself in the little Valley of Hortunas, Spain, where today exists the first “Beingist” Center of Transcendental Knowledge and Ancestral Healing, which he built with his own two hands and the help of his wife Massiel and his daughter Chantal, who visit him on weekends to help him, as they trusted his intentions and intuition from the very beginning.

There, in the Valley of Hortunas, Spain, Alain developed the Essence to Essence Healing he calls Ancestral, and healed himself of all his illnesses and disorders, while also freeing and healing many other people who prepared themselves to receive the single ancestral treatment, some of which have shared their experiences of liberation on the website


This publication answers Alain’s need to share a knowledge that belongs to us all to help us be free, healthy, fearless, happy and at peace, through AtelTrainer. 

Because humanity has moved away from transcendental common sense, we have created the world we have today, full of wars, diseases, climate and energetic change.

After hitting rock bottom, humanity is irrevocably going through the process of transcendental change, in order to regain its lost balance and health.

From my deepest feeling, in connection “with what cannot be seen”, I can assure that the change towards the “New World – Coming very soon” (manuscript published at the end of 2021) will be materialised in a way which nothing and no one can stop the course of Existence towards life, evolution, creation and health.

Each person has the power to facilitate the transcendental change through small actions, but with an enormous universal consciousness, fuelled by the innate intentions of each of us which will be unveiled in each step towards understanding the unique reality of things.

The disbelief and resistance of inflexible people who have made this world ill, will not be able to stop the movements forced by Existence (climate changes, energy crises, pandemics), and the disappearance of the social system as we know it, to force humanity to change. 

People will heal and free themselves from all their fears to live in harmony. They will be witnesses and protagonists of the future of new consciousness, wonderful for humanity, in union with all the Beings of the Planet.



The objective of the present publication is to inform, from “Beingist” knowledge, about the causes of mental illnesses and disorders that, in our current times, are affecting more and more people, as well as explaining the mechanisms of liberation from transcendental knowledge and Ancestral Healing…

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