The New World

New World !

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Transcendental Universal Knowledge

For rational minds, the New World is a utopia.

When you live from the Essence, that utopia is transformed into the transcendental reality.




In spiritual forums, there is much talk about the new world. 


As human societies find themselves, in all evidence, in their final decline, it makes sense to talk about the new world that will take place after the one currently perceived disappears.


The world is still the world. Only the human reality that feeds people’s selfish interest, a result of so many internal struggles, self-interested interpretations of Existence, and humanitarian divisions since the beginning of time, has broken the existential balance on our planet. 


A thousand years ago, the human population was 310 million. In 1800 the human population was 1 billion. Today, in 2021 we are 7.8 billion people populating the planet. The UN predicts 10.1 billion by 2100.  


In 2007, the UN warned that 150 animal species disappear every day due to human activity. 


The demographic explosion is the explosion of the entire planet.


Since the dawn of time, humankind has evolved in the growth of its destructive selfishness, dividing to rule. But in the past, the planet was not in danger because the human population was smaller, and its destructive lifestyle was proportional to this smaller number of people. But for nearly two centuries now, the destructive effect of humans has increased almost eightfold and is still growing. 


To all this, we must add that the modern lifestyle, due to the excessive consumption of planetary resources, is much more destructive than that of our ancestors.


The world of our friends, the beloved wild beings (animals, flora and fauna) who still survive and struggle to maintain the balance of the planet’s ecosystems, will not change. Our wild friends will only find their freedom and joy of life when they recover their habitats, and when human beings, in the very near future, collectively develop a high consciousness and reduce their population by at least 40%, to find the balance between all species. 


Mankind has always tried to control and exploit nature unscrupulously, to satisfy its superficial needs. 


Nature is an extension of Existence itself, which creates the essential  ecosystems for life on Earth. 


Mankind has not only turned its back on Existence itself but has waged war on it by destroying the most precious thing, “Nature”, which exists to allow all beings to live in peace and harmony on this planet.


Now, Existence is acting up to raise the collective consciousness of prepared people for the new world, and reduce overpopulation to recover the lost balance. 


Without the arrival of the humanitarian “shock”, unfortunately, the raising of consciousness could not take place, due to the mental rigidity and selfishness of people. Changes are not appreciated by egos, and less so the transcendental change handled by the Existence itself.


The manifesting climate change and Covid-19 are just a few actions, but the most important one will occur before the end of 2022.


In 2041, life on the Planet will be one of total plenitude and harmony among all beings. The human mind’s darkness will have completely disappeared. 


For further information about  the Universal Message I published in 2016 in my third book “Transcendental Training”, click here


Below, I list the main actions of human beings that have favoured the vital imbalance of the Planet, in a mixture of ignorance and selfishness :

  • Global atmospheric pollution that has exceeded the limits of what Nature can “recycle” by itself. Pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) in both industries and homes, and also through transportation. Pollution of seas, oceans and rivers with toxic chemicals and physical products, due to human activity.


  • Excessive consumption of meat beyond the necessary protein intake. Massive transmission of the belief that meat and fish should accompany every meal. Artisanal farms, where animals lived in semi-freedom and respect, have been swept away by huge factories to produce meat cheaply and on a large scale all over the world.     


  • The suffering of animals, which meat producers disregard, is a source of  negative energy that, in addition to the growth hormones and antibiotics administered to animals to optimise meat production, is transmitted to humans when consumed. Today we have a society suffering from all kinds of diseases and disorders, due to a destructive lifestyle based on unconscious and collective existential fear. It is well known that current meat production is one of the worst enemies of the environment since it emits enormous greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to deforestation, high water consumption and contamination of phreatic zones, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.


  • The overfeeding of the human population. Since 1975, the rate of obesity has tripled worldwide. In 2016, there were 340 million children, aged between 5 and 19, who were overweight and obese.


  • Societies based on mass consumption and single-use packaging to make life easier and more convenient, without taking into account the negative impact on ecosystems. 


  • The inner conflicts, Mind vs Consciousness (voice of the Essence), have been externalised all over the planet through selfishness, and today we see the global result. We transmit to the outside what we have inside, currently the aggressiveness that hides human’s fears!


  • Violence. Humans are the only animal species that kills each other and kills for pleasure (hunting).


  • Programmed obsolescence to ensure a continuous consumption in order to force consumers to renew their goods, regardless of the environmental impact.


  • Possessive and dominant relationship between men and women since the dawn of time.


  • Macho vs feminist war.


  • Contemporary gender warfare.


  • Religion and politics.


  • Dividing to govern: borders, castes and social classes.


  • Social and professional segmentation.


  • The intergenerational separation between children, adults and the elderly. Rupture of the knowledge transmission between generations and abandonment of the elderly, depriving them of their desire to be useful, and of being able to complete the existential cycle of transmission of knowledge to free the younger ones from any fear of getting old.  


  • In the past, and still today, there is direct slavery in third world countries, to enrich unscrupulous people.


  • In first world countries, slavery is camouflaged, freeing the masses to buy all kinds of goods, having created a lifestyle based on consumption and endless ostentation in order to be accepted and admired.  People work and work, and steal from their neighbours, to gain more purchasing power, believing that this will protect them from future shortages; enriching in the process the bank accounts of a manipulative minority. 


  • The rigid and manipulative education embedded in the unconscious mind does not allow the emancipation of intuition and transcendental knowledge. It only favours the conditioned rational mind.  The self-realisation of people is the enemy of the system in modern societies.


  • Believing that science is the key to knowledge is a mistake. Science only tries to explain what already exists in the universe. Albert Einstein, after a long life dedicated to science, said that the most intelligent person in the world could never understand the mechanisms of the universe. It cannot be understood from the rational mind, from the intellect.


  • Existential fear is the source of selfishness, the source of destruction, suffering and transcendental imbalance.


  • Usurpation of the natural resources of poor countries to enrich the current dominant countries.


  • Enormous production and consumption of superficial products.


  • Unprecedented waste of energy at home. 


  • Large families for many reasons (social status, tradition, exploitation of children, etc.).





The New World

In 2016, as I was finishing writing my third book “Transcendental Training”, I felt the need to share my childhood nightmare/dream. I was referring to the big shift that would occur during the years 2021 and 2022. 


All my books and author’s notes, as well as this text, are written by my own hand without thinking, guided by my own Essence-Existence, in order to share a knowledge that belongs to us all. 


For a long time now I have lived following only my intuition, the voice of my Essence. 


I said goodbye to society, family and friends, to live in coherence, mind-body-Essence.  


From my isolation, I have built with my own two hands, and in the deep silence of the Valley of Hortunas, Spain, the AtelTrainer’s Transcendental Ancestral Healing Center, with the occasional help of my partner Massiel, and my daughter Chantal, who come to visit me on the weekends. 


Massiel and Chantal are my only links to society, and they are people of high consciousness who have trusted my intuition, and now trust their own.


In the AtelTrainer Center, I share, after conducting liberation treatments, the ability to communicate with one’s own Essence with the participants able to transcend.


All the universal knowledge that has been transmitted to me since …♥︎ carries the imperative need of the great humanitarian change, and is the basis for shaping the New World coming. 


Human beings no longer have a voice on the planet they have destroyed, nor the power to modify the destiny that Existence is resuming, for the good of the Earth and all its inhabitants.


I believe in nothing and everything. I am the opposite of all religion, known spirituality and human beliefs. 


It has been many years since fear last conditioned my actions, which opens the door to infinite freedom. 


Being deeply free allows me to cross unimaginable frontiers and to be in contact with what human eyes can never see, much less understand from the rational mind. 


Humanity is now more prepared for the great planetary shift, for the transcendental union of people with the planet.


Technology helps people be in contact from anywhere in the world and also allows to be able to travel anywhere on the planet (the home of all), though that should be done by using fuels without carbon emissions.


English is already the international language.


Technology makes it possible to bring food to those who need it anywhere on the planet.


Renewable energies with no Co2 emissions already exist. 


The necessary infrastructures are already in place.


But the key to the great planetary change for a wonderful world, that the mind cannot imagine, is hidden in the deepest pocket of the ego-mind.




Configuration of the New World :


Reduction of the human population: 

In 2021, I felt and it was confirmed to me from my connection that a thousand words could not explain, that due to the mental rigidity of people, Existence was forced to activate a process to reduce the human population by about 4,000 millions for the good of the Planet. It was very sad, but necessary to recover the existential viability in this wonderful World.

But on October 29, 2023, at 11:00 a.m., after so many wars and calamities have taken place in the world over the recent months, it was confirmed in a Beingist transcendental meeting that humanity was now ready for a change of consciousness, and that the disappearance of the 4,000/4,500 millions of “insensitive” people was no longer necessary. 

Great joy has invaded the hearts of the Beingists present in said meeting, in connection with what cannot be explained and what can only be confirmed by those who have freed themselves to be able to connect with their Essence-heart.






Elevation of individual and collective consciousness: 

Unfortunately, the reduction of humanity will be traumatic for those who will remain. But this situation will force the ones prepared to transcend to raise their individual and collective consciousness after the humanitarian “shock” has taken place. 


A great harmonious transcendental understanding of life and death will emerge. Those who leave will return.






World union:

The natural consciousness of union will emerge after the great humanitarian crisis.


Elimination of borders to give way to a single world state.


World union among all countries, which is why armies and weapons will disappear. 


Laic World Federation. 


The world will be governed by what could be called “The Great Council of the World Federation (WF)”, represented by 21 wise volunteers from the five continents, of all ages, without any privilege apart from having the honour and responsibility of leading humanity towards universal harmony, guided by Existence itself.


“The Great Council of the World Federation” will work on drafting the World’s Constitution following the transcendental philosophy of this text, which will be periodically updated to adapt it to the needs of humanity and the Planet.


The “Great Council of the World Federation” will have the support of a great international team, formed by scientists, engineers and technicians, that will assist in planning the operations and the worldwide distribution of resources and services for humanity.


The present countries will become territories of the World Federation, and will be governed-guided by the “Great Council of the World Federation”. 


Politicians will disappear. 


The current governments will become territorial delegations of the World Confederation.


City halls will remain municipalities, but report to the “Great Council of the World Federation” through their territorial delegations.


The change will be almost non-existent for the managers and workers of shops and factories, for farmers and other professionals of the world. Only the companies’ leadership will be coordinated by the World Federation. All people, no matter their occupation, will receive the “life retribution” as compensation for their work, maximum 5 hours per day, 5 days per week and with three months of vacation per year.


“Unwanted” jobs will be mechanised and automated as much as possible. 


The “unwanted” jobs which cannot be done by machines will be managed with rotations among the local population and with even shorter working hours. 

UNESCO will work on the rapid global transition to the planetary union. Ensure good relations between all territories of the world.


NATO – UN will jointly coordinate the new world army to fight forest fires, catastrophes and organise rescues at sea and in the mountains.

They will ensure the total destruction and elimination of personal and military weapons, including nuclear weapons.


WHO (World Health Organisation) will work on the rapid fusion of scientific and transcendental-ancestral medicine. Transcendental hospitals will be put in place everywhere in the World. 

Existing hospitals and clinics will only require a change of consciousness. 

Health care for all people on the planet.

See the project of the AtelTrainer Foundation. 


The WB (World Bank), will be in charge of replacing local currencies with the one world currency (“♣︎”).

The WB (World Bank), will ensure in record time that all families and individuals on the planet receive their monthly “life retribution”.

There will be one bank per neighbourhood, to help people who are not yet proficient with computers.


The WEO (World Education Organization) will be created to ensure that complementary transcendental education will be taught in all schools and universities around the world.


The PAW (Protection of Animals of the World) will ensure the good health of all animals. 

Veterinary clinics will be established around the world to help our animal friends. 

The PAW will lead a global team of marine and terrestrial biology experts, veterinary doctors, animal warden protectors and fauna rescuers.

It will ensure that animals’ natural habitats regain their balance. 

It will also create temporary human exclusion zones to facilitate habitat recovery.

The PAW will euthanise terminally ill animals to prevent them from suffering.

See the AtelTrainer Foundation project.


The WCN (World Communication Network) will ensure communication throughout the world.


The LWJ (Law and World Justice) will adapt current laws to the new world consciousness and transcendental freedoms. 

Transcendental euthanasia is allowed (see text transcendental euthanasia).

The death penalty for capital crimes will be proposed by the verdict of the judges, but only “The Great Council of the World Federation” will make the final and exceptional decision to execute this sentence on people or animals guilty of capital crimes of irreversible intentions. 

Life imprisonment will be proposed by the verdict of the judges, but only the “Grand Council of the World Federation” will make the final decision.

The penitentiary centres will become centres of compulsory reflection for the convicted. 


The WP (World Police) will remind people of their right to do whatever they want, as long as their actions do not harm or disturb other beings (humans, animals, nature), nor themselves. They will ensure a peaceful atmosphere among human beings.


The World Federation could be described as a transcendental or spiritual communism away from all religions and dictatorships.  


The big difference between communism as we know it and the transcendental spiritual communism that will soon guide the world is:

  • Members of the World Federation will receive the same “life retribution” as everyone else, without any other compensation.


  • WF does not impose, but directs humanity towards planetary self-management.


  • The World Federation (WF) will have the same rights and obligations as every world citizen.


  • The sole mission and purpose of WF is to plan, manage and coordinate the production and distribution of the world’s food resources, goods and services, ensuring that all beings (humans, animals, nature) live in existential balance and total impartiality, according to transcendental and universal knowledge. 


  • The World Federation will function as a non-profit organisation. 


  • Being the Blue Planet, our beloved Earth, a simile of a spaceship sailing at full speed through the Universes, known and unknown, the World Federation will be in charge of guiding the ship of humanity towards the destiny shared by all beings on board. 


  • People will own their own houses, lands and vehicles as they presently do. But there will be no need for second, third homes, etc. 


  • The same right to inheritance as we know it today in democratic countries, but no more than one house and land per person. Any surplus property will be transferred to World Federation for redistribution to the needy. 


  • The English language will be compulsory as the international language. 






Viability of the “World Federation” : 


Worldwide centralisation of the administration, management and distribution of natural and economic resources.

Worldwide elimination of all political parties that currently generate an annual expenditure of billions, to maintain a huge complex bureaucratic structure, while dividing humanity with countless rules, laws, borders and customs.

Elimination of armies and weapons that generate another tremendous annual expenditure, to protect themselves from the enemy that the capitalist or communist system itself has created.

The current global administrations (governments), will be restructured and optimised, to transmit in their territorial areas of action worldwide the values and supports of the World Federation to maintain the balance of the Planet.

With the disappearance of all these expenses, the distribution of resources in goods, food, and services in the New World is guaranteed. So that humanity walks in harmony and union, hand in hand with the common planetary and universal destiny. In this way, the viability of the New World is guaranteed.

The game of the “transcendental monopoly”, without the figure of the bank as we know it nowadays, will guarantee the distribution of consumer goods, food, and services for a happy, healthy and meaningful life for all beings in the world.


What are the basic needs that a person needs to live a happy and full life?


  1. To have access to water and varied food.
  2. To have a shelter, a roof, a house to be protected from the weather conditions and enjoy privacy.
  3. To have a bed to sleep and rest on.
  4. To be healthy in order to enjoy life.
  5. To love and be loved.
  6. To be free.
  7. To discover one’s innate vocation to connect with the “existential sense”.
  8. To share with and help others. 
  9. To collaborate actively for a better world. 
  10. To feel useful.
  11. To live on a healthy and balanced planet.
  12. To be surrounded by harmony, peace, sincerity, and union.
  13. To live the unprecedented existential adventure for humanity.
  14. Competitiveness and profitability are not relevant at all in the New World. 







Principles of the “World Federation” :

  • There is food for all humanity and wildlife!


  • There is clean water for all of humankind and animals! 


  • 100% free medical and health care for all people and wildlife is possible and feasible in the New World.


  • 100% access to education (schools and universities) for all people, is possible and viable in the New World.


  • All families and adults in the world can have their own house.


  • Every family and adult person in the world can have a vehicle (car), appliances, cell phone, computer, etc., without programmed obsolescence.


  • Possibility of producing 100% renewable electrical energy for all the inhabitants of the planet! 


  • Soon another inexhaustible source of energy will be discovered, the one that gives life to the planets, to the Universe, and that I share with people prepared to transcend. 






Public services:

I detail below the main public services so that people can enjoy an incredible quality of life, in good health and in harmony with Nature. Living on a healthy planet for the long future of the new humanity, and for our friendly wild animals and flora. 


People will not depend on their paid work to live, as there will be no such obligation. Instead of working, they will be active, according to their age and physical and mental condition, according to their innate vocations, to collaborate in the maintenance of the World Federation. 


They will be able to alternate between sedentary professional activities and other more physical ones, in contact with nature and vice versa, to adapt to their personal needs according to their age and physical condition. 


They will have much more free time than at present to enjoy life without being limited and wasting hours and hours with more or less destructive distractions that lead nowhere. Distractions arise from boredom to fill the existential emptiness of people. 


When people live in fullness because they are where they need to be, doing what they love according to their innate vocation, these people do not need many unnecessary distractions. 


Good quality distractions in small doses will always be necessary to relax the mind, but they should never be an obsessive pastime.


The Federation will ensure that energy will always be 100% renewable.


Unnecessary energy expenditure will be eliminated.


  • Free and unlimited local public transportation.
  • Free and unlimited national public transportation.
  • One free international trip per month.
  • One free intercontinental trip per year.
  • The purchase of a vehicle for private travel is optional. 
  • Free medical care.
  • Free education.
  • Free telephone and Internet.






People and the global economy :

After the humanitarian chaos, the elevation of the transcendental consciousness will make humankind understand that life on Earth is a life that shares its destiny among all Beings of the planet. 


Understand that :


All basic necessities for living are provided free of charge by nature, through the World Federation (water, food, air, electricity, housing, etc.). Therefore, there is no need to work hard to obtain them, except to feel deep gratitude towards Existence itself. 


People thanking the World Federation for its selfless involvement, and the WF thanking the inhabitants for their indispensable contribution to maintain the planetary balance. All united!


The existential goal is to live in harmony, balance and good health, until the day of the final transition of the body. 


Helping and sharing are the bonds of transcendental love so necessary today. 


The deep existential sense is to share the union between humans and nature (fauna, flora, oceans, mountains, rivers, etc.).


Living and taking care of the Nature that welcomes us all!


Art, music, dance, intergenerational playful games and sports, respectful tourist trips around the world, will be the ingredients to intensify the smiles and joy of life of all human beings.


Earth is the paradise of the Universe! Today it is a battlefield, where the “best” survive at any price, where a minority controls and sells to the manipulated and enslaved masses the free resources that Nature offers to all of us.


With the disappearance of individual egoism, replaced by an elevated consciousness, each person will feel the need to collaborate for the maintenance of the transcendental balance. 


All people will receive a monthly “life retribution” as compensation for their collaboration. 


Working hours will be reduced, maximum 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Three months of annual vacation. 


The same income for all people, including the 21 members of the Grand Council of the World Federation. 


An income that allows people to make purchases, such as food, clothes, computers, telephones, vehicles, 100% renewable energy appliances, train and plane tickets, etc.  


To understand the principle of the distribution system, you have to think that all the people on the planet are playing a kind of real “Monopoly”, but without the role of the bank.


Citizens will receive money in the new world currency “♣︎”, and buy the necessary goods and food managed by the World Federation. The money obtained goes back to the people to continue the transcendental sharing cycle.


The resources of the World Federation will be enormous to ensure their equitable distribution and facilitation of services to all people of the planet.


The incalculable figure of hundreds of billions of all sales in the world (industries, trades and services) will go to the World Federation to ensure the “life retribution” to citizens of the planet. It would be impossible to estimate the resources of the “Transcendental Monopoly” to guarantee the well-being of people and the entire planet. 


For example, just with Amazon’s 2020 net profits of $21.3 billion (USD), each person of the 7.8 billion people in the world in 2021 could receive $1 million “♣︎” a year, and the World Federation would have $13.5 billion left over. A person does not need $1 million “♣︎” a year to live, having all their basic needs met for free.


In the New World, there are no more bills to pay. All families will receive the basic necessities to live free and happy free of charge. Water supplies, electricity, communication, education, transportation and medical care will be available without any cost. In addition, all families will receive a monthly monetary contribution, to be able to buy the goods and food they need. 


The industries or services units will no longer look for competitiveness or profitability since the viability of the World Federation is to distribute the resources between the population and Nature.


The motivation of people will be the satisfaction of providing help and union for the Planet and Humanity, and will not be based on selfish goals such as obtaining wealth and notoriety, which weaken, confront and make people sick.


Cycle of the balance of the New World:   


“Vital” income    Consumption  Distribution  “Vital” income.





energia renovable

Global energy sector:

The time has come for humanity to take action!


  • 0% use of fossil fuels (oil, gas). 


  • 0% CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere from industrial and domestic sources.


  • The world’s sunny territories will be the global producers of photovoltaic electricity.  


  • Use of marine forces to produce renewable hydroelectric power to support photovoltaic electricity production. 


  • Large-scale geothermal installations, taking advantage of the Earth’s internal heat. (This is a renewable energy that exchanges the constant temperature of the earth to heat facilities or homes in winter and keep them cool in summer. The temperature of the earth is constant and increases proportionally to the depth it comes from).


  • Elimination of nuclear power plants. 


  • All lighting, household appliances and any other type of machinery will be adapted to low-consumption technology.


  • All continents will be connected by high-voltage power cables that will cross the oceans to distribute energy to the whole world. This initiative is already being implemented by several countries under bilateral agreements.


  • Widespread photovoltaic self-consumption (solar panels) in all homes and industries around the world to reduce the need for electricity.






Industry and technology worldwide :

To eliminate pollution and use natural resources in a sustainable way for Nature, a reduced selection of models of household items, household appliances, vehicles, agricultural and industrial machinery, as well as electronic devices (computers, tablets, cell phones, cameras, decoration, etc.) will be manufactured. Only the most efficient and sustainable models will be produced, eliminating “programmed obsolescence”. 


For each product, equipment or machine a production center will be created on each continent. 


The war of competition will not take place in the New World.


Equipment maintenance and repair costs will be drastically reduced, due to the reliability of devices and goods.


The selection of the best products to be supplied worldwide will be available and affordable to each person according to their age and need, paid with the world currency.


Purchases will be made mainly online and continental deliveries made with 100% non-polluting transportation.


Most of today’s stores and shopping malls will distribute food and essential commodities on site. 


Highly mechanised and standardised industrial production processes, to facilitate worker and coordinator turnover.


Civil, construction and agriculture heavy machinery with 0% CO2 emissions will be 100% reliable and efficient.





Jhon Dal


An education that helps children discover their own innate abilities, for a future based on vocation.


Protect the future of children and the world by transmitting the liberating power of good intentions and common sense. 


Transmit the only transcendental rule: 


Do what you want, but what you do must not harm or bother anyone, any animal, nature and least of all yourself.  


Let what you like to do be what you have to do.


Transmission of transcendental and universal knowledge: 


Where do you live?  On a planet that travels through the known and unknown Universe, all sharing the same destiny.


At what distance does outer space begin? Between 112 and 115 km above sea level.


Where does the water we have on Earth come from? From outer space, every time a meteorite disintegrates in the atmosphere, it releases its hydrogen content. 


Drop by drop, meteorites have been bringing water to the planet since the beginning of time. Therefore, the water we drink comes from everywhere in the known and unknown universe, which means we are drinking extraterrestrial water!


More important than life itself is the energy who gives life, who I call the Essence.  More information about my fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.


It is important to explain to children that the main cause of diseases and health problems is the blockage of vital energy. 


Such blockage happens when we think actively and the brain’s hemispheres generate a powerful magnetic field over the crown of the head, thus the vital energy cannot get in through the 7th chakras (crown). In the same way that a plant gets sick and dies if it is not in contact with the energy of light.  More information about my fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.


Also, it is essential to explain to children that the mind is like a loudspeaker. It constantly receives information from hunger hormones, sex hormones, memories, energetic and external hormonal vibrations of other people close to it, etc. 


But the mind can also connect with its own Heart-Essence, which will allow it to move away from primitive hormonal manipulations, to turn hormonal calls into choices, not uncontrollable primitive impulses.


Sharing with our kids the practice of transcendental Healing Meditation in connection with the Essence. For further information click here.


Convey to children that it is more important how things are done (intentions) than the things themselves. The unselfish intention to do things well purifies the consciousness.





StockSnap copia

Sexuality :

More important than sexuality, masculine-feminine, feminine-feminine, masculine-masculine, is the feminine and masculine energy that should not be associated by default with gender. And even more important is the origin of these two energies.


It is confirmed that a man and a woman each have a certain percentage of masculine and feminine energy, which varies from one person to another. 


According to the laws of nature, a woman is more likely to possess more feminine energy, and a man the opposite. 


But this is not always the case. As a result, boys today are more feminine, more sensitive than in the past, more prepared and flexible for the great change of consciousness.


We must not forget that the energy of the universe is the source of feminine energy. The masculine is a last-minute creation in our dimension.


There is much inner suffering due to existential doubt, because of the standardised and stereotypical values that foster the belief that in order to be happy you have to live as a heterosexual couple and have two children (girl and boy, if possible blondes). Stereotypes!


There is much suffering due to the societal rejection of homosexuality, due to collective ignorance inherited from the past. Religion has something to do with it.


There is so much suffering when a woman cannot be a mother, for not knowing that evolution has chosen her to pave the way for liberation. Women who cannot have children have enough love in their hearts to love all children and beings in this world.


There is much suffering and regret when the couple believes, from existential ignorance, that sexuality is the only basis of their union. This mistake only divides loved ones through divorce, separation and double lives, with their children being the first victims.


The fear of getting old motivates the need to relive the memory of the impulsive surge of hormones, reliving the pleasure of youth by falling in love with a younger person. This happens most easily when someone is very rational, lost, and weak. 


There is nothing wrong with separating, divorcing if it doesn’t hurt anyone. But doesn’t it hurt?


Some psychologists even advise their patients that maintaining an active sexual desire is essential for a couple to function, instead of advising them to go ahead and downplay the importance of sex. Viagra is an example of human stupidity fighting against evolution and against listening to the body.


So much suffering and repression thinking that masturbation is still considered a sexual deviation when it is only a hormonal need of people. It is possibly more important for men to prevent prostate inflammation. The only negative aspect about masturbation is when the person falls into sexual obsession and becomes a slave to their hormones and fantasies.


Not listening to oneself, and believing what others say, is the source of all suffering, and of all evil.


  • Repression is the main catalyst for sexual aggression.
  • Hormones influence the mind more than it can be imagined. 
  • Humans have not escaped the power of sexual hormones. 


Sex is also used as a subliminal element to convince and manipulate the masses. Advertising is an example of this. Society is sexualised.


Sexuality is necessary as a source of pleasure, as a distraction and as a means of reproduction. 


Sexuality is compulsory just like the need to eat, drink and sleep. It is part of physiological needs.


But to think that sexuality is the only bond between people can only do harm in the long run. It unites and divides at the same time. It is based on possession.


Unbreakable unions only occur through bonds superior to sexuality. Complicity is the indispensable element in transcendental unions.


Transcendental love is universal union. Far from the love of the “hippies”.   


Link: “Transcendental love”.     Link: “Feminine masculine energy”.






Birth rate : 

Procreation is a primitive hormonal mechanism to ensure the perpetuity of the species.


To have gone from 310 million inhabitants in the year 1000 to 7.8 billion in 2021 had required an active and uncontrolled birth rate.


But the real explosion of birth rate occurred between 1800 and 2021, going from 1 billion inhabitants to 7.8 billion in 2021.


This is because, during the period of industrialisation, human beings have developed a more “comfortable” civilisation, with more abundant food and social protection.


In this framework of abundance, humans have multiplied, like other animal species do when circumstances are favourable.


For decades, Existence has been trying to regulate the birth rate in a natural way to recover a balance among all animal species. However, the mechanisms that pursue the desire of becoming a parent are very powerful in the mind. 


A big business has developed around this desire to have children, which often goes hand in hand with science (fertility hormone treatments, artificial insemination, etc.), ordering babies by catalogue, surrogate wombs, so that women or “non-fertile” couples, as well as single mothers and fathers, can have children. 


This is fighting against the will of Existence. If a person cannot have a child naturally, it is for a reason. Nature is wise.  In general, people who cannot have children have so much love that they must share it with all the children and beings of this world.


As a result of the population explosion of human civilization, Nature has activated the Covid-19 pandemic. In the near future, it will activate other pandemics and actions to regulate the balance between species.


Increased consciousness will help people not to be slaves of primitive mechanisms of procreation. 


New generations don’t feel the need to be mom or dad as strongly. Evolution!







Medicine and Health :

Nowadays, there is a war between the so-called scientific medicine and the alternative medicine; in addition to a war between different pharmaceutical laboratories. 


It is a commercial, selfish war of conflicting interests that uses people’s health as a bargaining chip.


In the new world, Scientific Medicine will work in close relationship with Ancestral Healing, because of them being complementary disciplines. Ancestral Healing does not belong to alternative medicine or known spirituality. See note “The Wall”


Well-known Scientific Medicine relieves patients’ symptoms and, in some rare instances, heals. Ancestral Healing heals patients, restoring their inner balance (Essence medicine, vital energy).  More details in the fourth AtelTrainer book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.


Scientific Medicine repairs musculoskeletal injuries (surgery) and Ancestral Healing helps in the recovery process. 


Ancestral Healing helps people live in good health until the day of their final departure. Thus, fewer medical resources are needed as people recover their health. 


This topic is difficult to explain. Only participants who have come to the AtelTrainer Center for liberation can understand my words fully.


Ancestral Healing is completely different from the so-called alternative medicine. Ancestral Healing is complementary to scientific medicine.  See the Foundation’s project


It is essential to increase palliative medical resources to prevent all people and animals from suffering during their terminal phase.


It is essential to develop antibiotics that respect the organism in order to fight serious infections without weakening the immune system. 


Anaesthetics must evolve, so they can relieve physical pain without causing any side effects. 


The population will live to very old ages, and dentistry will be much more necessary to take care of people’s teeth so that they can eat properly with a nice smile on their lips during the long years of fullness that lie ahead.


The same goes for ophthalmology, so that people will be able to see the wonderful world that will unfold before their eyes for many long and beautiful years.


People, unburdened by existential uncertainty, living in a just and equitable world society, will find the joy of living in fullness. The mind will relax and the immune system will function at 100%, which will drastically reduce current diseases and disorders, such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depressions, etc.


More details in the fourth AtelTrainer book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.






Huerta orgánica AtelTrainer copia

Food :


The current situation:


Eating to live or living to eat?

Nowadays, most people eat because it is indispensable; however, in general, they do not eat to feed themselves but rather to calm and relax the mind. We speak then of emotional eating, a consequence of our stressed and fearful societies.


Moreover, some people follow diets to lose weight or stop gaining it. These dietary practices are induced and encouraged by innumerable dietary recommendations which only seek aesthetic purposes.


Transcendental nutrition is totally opposite to current nutrition. Transcendental nutrition guides people to feed themselves according to their own real needs, feeling what the body needs. Consuming local foods and raising one’s self-confidence.


The worst food in this world is the lack of food! 250,000 people die of hunger in the world every day.


Poor nutrition is due to people eating large amounts of high-calorie foods to calm emotions. 


Eating has become a distraction, tradition and addiction for billions of  people living in abundance. 


Overweight, obesity, are the side effects of our modern anxious and emotionally fragile societies. 


People lead a very sedentary lifestyle but eat like a hungry and stressed lumberjack.


Food has become mankind’s greatest distraction, generating a great deal of commerce around it. 


Food has become the number one enemy of the superfluous canon of beauty. 


In first world countries, people no longer eat primarily to nourish themselves, but to seduce and try to maintain their eternal youth. 


People get lost listening to and believing the thousand nutritional tips for weight loss, etc., which change according to fashions, new theories and methods. 


This business would disappear if people had learned from childhood to feel their real food needs, which will change every day according to the thousand variables that each person faces throughout their life.


Food is not to blame for obesity, overweight or diabetes. The culprit is the unbalanced and sedentary lifestyle of modern societies, whose stressed minds consume large quantities of denatured foods. And “chocolate” is the king to soothe mental and emotional imbalance!


As previously stated, the human population has increased by more than 780% in the last 200 years.  


This demographic explosion has boosted intensive and transgenic agriculture and has motivated the creation of huge meat factories, which majorly contribute to the planet’s contamination and are the main instigators of the current deforestation.


The recommendation will be to consume an average of one or two servings of meat or fish per week, as was done in the past.


Eat to live!  Enjoy the culinary arts as a punctual but appreciated distraction.


Guaranteed food for all beings on the planet, human and animal alike.


Personally, I don’t eat meat, but I am not vegetarian. Transcendental nutrition is not a doctrine. It is flexible from the intention of not harming any being, least of all oneself, but… 


On the subject of vegetarian and vegan food, see the author’s note “Good and Evil” – chapter Food and diets.








Intensive agriculture, which uses enormous amounts of natural and chemical fertilizers, as well as intensive treatments with herbicides and insecticides, is mainly responsible for the deforestation of the planet. 


Intensive agriculture will be banned. 


The planet can no longer tolerate the pollution of river water, groundwater, oceans, and the disappearance of so many insects, birds and animals that maintain the balance of ecosystems. Not to mention the fact that people ingest these contaminated foods, seriously affecting their health. 


The quantitative need for food will be reduced as a consequence of the humanitarian “shock”.


Agriculture will be organic and rotational, to allow the land to regenerate without needing a large input of fertilisers.


More free horses, running in the fields to share with them transcendental union and love, and so much emotional warmth. Their naturally deposited manure will fertilise the cultivated fields.


The raising of chickens, ducks, etc., will be ecological, in semi-freedom. With ecological farms for the production of eggs.


Livestock will be organic, artisanal, with animals in semi-freedom. Mainly to produce milk, cheese, wool, compost.


Intensive and industrial farming will be prohibited for several reasons: pollution of the atmosphere by emitting huge greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, high water consumption and groundwater contamination. The pain of conscience.


For the meat supply, slaughtering will be done by asking permission from the animal following an ancestral communication between the animal and sensitive people. It is difficult to explain in this writing. The intention to ask permission to be sacrificed to the loved one mobilises a universal energy that human minds will never be able to understand.


The commercialization of meat will be done without any industrial manipulation nor processing.


The consumption of meat will be done with the most humble respect towards the sacrificed animal, feeling infinite gratitude.  


The recommendation will be to consume an average of one or two servings of meat or fish per week, as was done in the past.


Personally, I do not eat meat, but I am not a vegetarian. The transcendental diet is not a doctrine. It is flexible from the intention of not harming any being, least of all oneself, but… 


On the subject of vegetarian, vegan food, see the author’s note “Good and Evil” – chapter Food and diets.


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 Like it was in the past, the world of today remains divided at all levels, political, borders, cultural, linguistic, social classes, intellectual, sport fanaticisms, men-women, children-adults, young-old, racism, mind Vs consciousness, etc.


In the past, religions have divided the world through wars, acts of extermination, terrorism, etc., for dubious purposes, but above all to impose a fanatical religious hegemony. 


Today there is still religious fundamentalism that uses terrorism to force its religious hegemony.


Each religion has its own god who gives and controls life on Earth.


Interpretations done by human’s minds have created known religions, unconsciously manipulating the transcendental reality of things, of existence and of the Universe.


All religions advocate union and harmony, but do not tolerate other religious or spiritual beliefs.


Religions create human mental interpretations with initially good intentions. Mental functioning is based on the interpretation of the environment, on control and possession to protect oneself from the uncertainty of destiny “fears”. 


All superstitions have their origin in religious or pagan beliefs.


The universal transcendental knowledge that will sustain “The Great Council of the World Federation” is secular in its respect for religious beliefs, but it is connected to the source of all beliefs and religions, without interpretation. Union!


Each person can love the Sun more or less, according to the sensitivity of their skin, their physical and mental perceptions, interpretations. But on the transcendental plane, the Sun is the Sun! The vital energy is the vital energy! The Source is the Source!  Without interpretation of the Source, all religious beliefs are united.


More information: author’s note-video “Good and Evil” or written author’s note “Good and Evil”.







Fishing : 

Intensive and industrial fishing will be prohibited. Only artisanal fishing will be accepted. 


Sportfishing will be accepted, but will be limited.


Non-ecological fish farms will be prohibited, as well as intensive production farms.






Hunting :

In the distant past, when food was hard to find, hunting was necessary to acquire sustenance.


However, nowadays humans no longer need to kill wild animals for food. Therefore, hunting will be forbidden! Except for the case described below.  


Only the forestry brigade of the PAW (Protection of Animals of the World), will be able to put an end to suffering animals, or animals with abnormally dangerous behavior, by injecting them with sedatives and then painlessly euthanizing them.


(See Transcendental Veterinary Clinics project).


As an exception, regulated hunting for self-consumption will be allowed for people who live isolated and in harmony with Nature, in remote areas of the planet. 


The trade of skins and bushmeat will be prohibited.
The need to hunt for commercial purposes to obtain income will disappear since all people will receive a monthly “vital income”.


Recovering the balance between predator and prey for the maintenance of the transcendental balance between species is fundamental.






Alcohol – Tobacco – Drugs :

Alcohol abuse is hazardous to health.


According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is the leading cause of death in the world and the main preventable cause of mortality.


Drugs alter people’s behavior and create addictions that hinder the will to live in harmony. Drugs destroy addicts and those around them (family, friends…).  


As the people of the New World will be calm, happy and free from existential fear, there will be no need to quell negative emotions with alcohol, drugs and tobacco to calm the restless mind. 


From the earliest age, it will be taught that people can do whatever they want, but without directly or indirectly harming anyone, least of all oneself.


Drinking and smoking can be done sporadically as a distraction, not as a necessity, as an addiction.


It will not make sense to consume drugs to recreate destructive realities that we know today, to escape from the current social nonsense.


Everyone will take their own existential responsibility. 




Transcendental Common Sense :

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Taking care of those who take care of us, meaning Nature and its inhabitants, is taking care of oneself




Your well-being depends on the well-being of the Planet 




All beings that inhabit this wonderful world share the same destiny of the Universe




To listen to the voice of the Essence is to listen to the voice of the energy who gives life.


For rational minds, the New World is a utopia.


When you live from the Essence, that utopia is transformed into the transcendental reality.


You are invited to support us for the worldwide diffusion of the transcendental change that will come very soon, before 2022.


AtelTrainer dedicates all its resources and existence to make this world live again in harmony among all beings of this wonderful planet.


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