Transcendental Psychology by Chantal

Transcendental Psychology


Hello everyone,


I am Chantal Tello García, today I am going to narrate the words of Alain Tello Robledo, Founder of AtelTrainer, according to transcendental psychology. Explaining the causes of psychological and mental disorders, and deseases,  with the help of some animations made by myself.


It is important for me to emphasise that AtelTrainer is the opposite of known religions and spirituality. Thus, AtelTrainer is complementary to scientific medicine. Not an alternative!


Moreover, we are dedicating all of our resources to create trascendental clinics around the world, uniting scientific medicine and ancestral healing. 


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“Alain Tello Robledo”


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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