<<< Union between all Beings >>>

Far from religions and beliefs….


The word “Beingist” was invented by Alain Tello Robledo, AtelTrainer’s founder, and published in December 2021, and its definition is, <<< Union between all Beings >>>. Understanding Beings as: humans, animals, flora, Nature, and entities of other dimensions.

Alain Tello Robledo, whose transcendental name is “Weare”, defends the union between all the visible and invisible inhabitants of this wonderful Planet and of the Universe, to recover the lost Existential balance, which is the foundation of the New World. 

In 2014, Alain decided to quit society, family and friends and retired to the little and isolated Valley of Hortunas, Spain, to create with his own hands the first AtelTrainer Transcendental and Ancestral Healing Center. 


His wife Massiel and daughter Chantal are his only connections to society. They trusted his intuition from the beginning, accepting his departure, and on weekends they visit him and help him in his work of spreading transcendental knowledge to this world. They are united by a love beyond human understanding, a union that goes further than husband and wife, father and daughter.


In the vocational development of Ancestral Healing therapy, while living in his “spiritual” retreat in the deep silence of the Valley and guided by his intuitive transcendental knowledge, Weare (Alain) has been healed of all his health issues, such as his generalized anxiety, his asthma and allergies, improved his eyesight, and all his fears.

The word “Beingist” is defined as the opposite of religion, that unites its believers and is adverse to others. 

It is also opposed to the known spirituality that is full of good intentions, theories, advices, but also of double standards, competing among themselves, and which actions relax but keep people within their ailments, session after session. 

Opposed also to alternative medicine, which struggles to displace scientific medicine, substitutes chemicals by natural elements, but while also only treating the symptoms and rarely healing. 

The only alternative medicine valued by Weare is Chinese Medicine, only through acupuncture and moxibustion. 

A “Beingist” person is a person who has the sensibility necessary to be able to communicate, without fantasies, with the Essences of other receptive human Beings, and with other Beings of the Planet and the Universe. That is to say, with the Energy that gives life to each Being, which has nothing to do with life itself.


The fundamental principle of Ancestral Healing is that the “Beingist” therapist can communicate with the Essence of the patient to apply the 100% effective treatment, which generally in a single session of 120/180 minutes is enough to promote the liberation and definitive healing. Based on the fourth AtelTrainer book, “Transcendental Love, Ancestral Healing“.

A “Beingist” person does not believe in anything, nor think, because they communicate from the no-mind.


A “Beingist” person does not have to learn anything, they must have stripped themselves of all rational knowledge, of every learned memory, and of good and evil, of all religious beliefs, of all superstition, of all fear, in order to be in connection with Existence itself.


A “Beingist” person has been prepared to receive total liberation and healing through the unique treatment.

A “Beingist” person never tells people what to do, does not give advice for other reasons than to prepare, heals people so that they can feel what they have to do, based on the principle of transcendental knowledge, which is: “do whatever you want, as long as it does not harm yourself or any other Being in the Universe.

A “Beingist” person speaks the language of the intentions of the Essences, a language without words, language of the Energy that gives life in the Universe. 


AtelTrainer teaches prepared people to be able to speak this language without words that communicates with all Beings of the Planet and of the Universe, having as the only required instrument a pendulum.


Any sensitive person can be prepared to become a “Beingist”. The only impediment is having addictions and lacking empathy and Existential motivation. The AtelTrainer Transcendental Training Center teaches this universal knowledge and language that belongs to and unites all of us.


Ancestral Healing by the hand of a “Beingist” requires one sole treatment that can last up to 180 minutes, except in the rare cases that require more support. More sessions are not necessary, because it is a 100% effective healing if the patient is prepared to transcend, and because it is an Essence to Essence Healing. 


Ancestral Healing is the Universal Medicine, a union of Scientific Medicine and Ancestral Healing.

A Beingist person lives with the intention of helping all Beings of this World to reach their liberation and union, for the New World that is undoubtedly approaching. 


The principle of customer (patient) loyalty, which answers to a commercial and economic interest, does not exist for a “Beingist”. Therefore, the “Beingist” sincerely and totally gives themselves over to the prepared patient, to achieve the definitive Healing. 


A Beingist person lives only according to their vocation.


A Beingist person lives from absolute coherence, so that their private and professional life are united in their single Existential life. 


A “Beingist” person is immersed in Universal Transcendental Knowledge. Their satisfaction consists in doing what they need to do to help this world, they have learnt to transform what they have to do in what they like to do.

The Peace and Harmony of other Beings is the Peace and Harmony of a “Beingist” person.

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Transcendental Love hug,




Alain Tello Robledo

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