Heart Connection

Healing Heart connection

It is one of the subjects of the ancestral healing course.

Known spirituality talks about heart to heart connection, brain-heart connection, heart connection with someone, but here we share heart/essence connection.


How I have explained in my fourth book called “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”, only heart/essence connection can be done surrendering. 


Brain’s hemispheres are activated when we think. For instance, when we pay attention to the breathing during a meditation, or when we activate a visualization, then a magnetic field appears on top of our head when hemispheres are activated. Such magnetic field stops the energy from the “Universe/Source” to go through our 7th Chakras for the sake of our cells and organs.


So, transcendental surrendering is the process that invites the mind to connect with the no-mind that I call “heart connection”. This process can only be possible from the intention to “surrender” with no expectation. More the mind is liberated from fears, more easily will be to surrender.


Heart connection is the key point to live in long lasting peace and harmony. The practices I have shared for many years of Transcendental Healing Meditation, Intuitive-sensitive Healing Yoga, requires  to be able to “surrender”.


Ancestral healing treatments are to ease the transcendental surrendering process.


The main matter required to be achieved during the Ancestral Healing Courses to become an ancestral healer is to master the “transcendental surrendering process”. 


Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

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