In-situ Healing Therapy

AtelTrainer ancestral healing therapy

Ancestral Healing 100% effective. Essence to Essence, if the person is ready to transcend.

The energetic therapy I offer can be understood as a kind of reiki but it is not reiki at all. It is a “superior” energetic channeling to diagnose and treat internal blockages… allowing the rebalancing of the metabolism’s energy system… activating the healing power process.


I use pendulum, hands and dowsing rods.


When necessary, I complement treatments with moxibustion techniques.

One energetic channeling session consist in:

  1. Relaxation through specific stretching (Healing Yoga)…
  2. Energetic diagnostic.
  3. Energetic unblock.
  4. Heat activation – moxa (support).

– Duration: 90/180 minutes.

– No secondary effects.

– It is not painful or disturbing.

– The AtelTrainer energetic channeling lead the patient to a deep relaxation of body, mind and soul…

It is a complementary (no alternative) treatment for all kinds of ailments: asthma, allergies, cancer, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, colds, aches and / or muscle and joint injuries …

Place: AtelTrainer’s Gabinete  or  Center.

Appointment calling from Spain 655401044 (from Monday to Friday)

Attention: 365 days.

Treatment price (2/3 hours): 200€.

Sporadic support treatment if necessary: 50€.

To make an appointment:

In order to guarantee your final Healing and Liberation, it is important that you follow all the points detailed. Otherwise I will not be able to assist you, as it would be a waste of time and resources for both parties.

  1. To have carefully read the “treatments-Liberation” section.
  2. To have read carefully the author’s note “Good and Evil“, or to have listened quietly to the audio-video “Good and Evil” (pre-treatment).
  3. Have carefully read the author’s note “Ancestral Healing“.
  4. Carefully read the manuscript on the “New World“.
  5. Send a letter of intent to the email
  6. Fill out the “Registration” form.
  7. Call me by phone/WhatsApp after you have completed the above points.
  8. If my answer confirms that you are ready, then a date and time will be agreed upon.
  9. It may happen that after having fulfilled the above points, and read all the author’s notes, and books, you feel deeply good and do not need to come because you have healed. Futher information click here!
  10. Form of payment: Request bank account number to execute by bank transfer the payment of the unique ancestral treatment. As a last resort pay for the treatment during the visit.




People with addictions will have to go 180 days without taking alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc., and to alleviate the effects of withdrawal, anxiousness, they should visit their family doctor to be prescribed a temporary treatment to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. 


The above preparation will help you to naturally move away from your addictions.  


The following button “Do you want to free yourself from your addiction? translated soon” provides more detailed information and profound activities to do to free yourself from the black seed that triggers all addictions. You will also be healed of all physical, mental and emotional health imbalances.


Everything is a choice in life, follow the path of self-destruction, or the path of liberation. You decide!


The ultimate Healing, begins with the intention to be true to oneself.


Here you can read about my own liberations.

Alain Tello Robledo &  AtelTrainer’s Team




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