Unconscious madness

Unconscious madness


Definitions published in some dictionaries:
<<< Was designated as madness, until the end of the 19th century, a certain behavior that rejected the established social norms. Madness, according to the dictionary, means “deprivation of judgment or use of reason”. >>>

There is a great difference between a mental disorder (functional defect of the psyche) and a behavior that differs from that of the rest of humans that make up modern society.

“Mentally healthy” people, that are hidden behind materialistic interests and that lead the citizens’ future, do not hesitate to press buttons and triggers to annihilate dubious enemies. Enemies for the simple fact of not bowing to capitalistic interests.

In the past, in the name of God, heretics were defenestrated, considered crazy, witches, paranormal.

Today, in the name of democracy, there are wars everywhere.

In the name of democracy, hundreds of innocents die every day.

Some die under military fire or terrorist action, and many others, especially children, die starving in silence every day for having been robbed of their futures, to guarantee the opulence of the dominant minority.

The collective madness that maintains an aggressive system, points to those  who dare to follow another path. The path to simplicity and harmony. These are called crazy.

The unconsciousness of citizens through democratic elections, unknowingly maintains this murderous madness, which not only annihilates its own species, but also the Nature that maintains the balance of life on earth, itself.

Madness is to maintain a system or a lifestyle that perpetuates sickness to promote healthcare.

Madness is having lost the courage to be oneself.

Who is involved in madness?

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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