World War III

World War III Everyone fears the beginning of World War III ! It has already started some time ago with Covid-19 worldwide management. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine, and now the one in Gaza, where so many people on both sides are dying and suffering, with Russia, that threats to explode atomic bombs, even […]

Transcendental Strike

Video – Transcendental Strike …Strikes as we know them threaten to empty consumers’ refrigerators.  But be assured that governing class and powerful minority will not lack for food and freedom of movement, because they own their own private planes, yachts and helicopters. Citizens maintain the system that the minority with great dark power runs the […]

Important – Video call/telephone treatment

Important! Since February 2023 to date, the Center is undergoing the second phase of construction, so retreats, on-site treatments and on-site courses are postponed until further notice. Ancestral healing treatments are offered by video call and telephone and are proven to be fully effective. Below you will find the links to these treatments: Video call/telephone […]

Video – The planet of the New World-

Video The planet of the New World Beingist Union between all beings Far from all religions and beliefs… The planet of the New World Beingist Union between all beings Author: Alain Tello Robledo – AtelTrainer This planet is the home of all of the beings which inhabit this paradise of the universe, human beings, fauna and […]

Audio-video – Healthy professional life

Audio-video – Healthy professional life Written post – article Hello, I am Alain Tello Robledo, founder of AtelTrainer. Chantal is going to narrate this audio-video about a Healthy professional life. I recommend you to listen to this audio-video in a relaxed state.  Even better if you can listen to it laying down comfortably, to […]

Healthy professional life

DanaTentis photo Audio-video Healthy professional life Table of contents: Summary of the history of social evolution : Notoriety :  Work and health :  Healthy work :  Discovering the perfect vocation or job :  Outline of the discovery of vocation :  AtelTrainer :  Books : Summary of the history of social evolution : barskefranck photo Since […]

The energies

Picture of merlinlightpainting The energies Audio/video Nowadays, the term “energy” is widely used in our society, in science, physics, mechanics, spirituality, alternative medicine, and others. The word energy is used for such diverse purposes that it has become a generic, abstract and often confusing term: vital energy, negative energy, positive energy, cosmic energy, cellular energy, […]

News about the prediction of 2021

Dear all, I share below a great news about a prediction that I published in the fifth book “New World” Coming very soon !, and that will be of interest to those who have already read it. Free manuscript at Thank you and hug of transcendental union. Weare – Alain Tello Robledo – Beingist […]

Health-Medicine Project

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