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Good and evil

Good and evil,   does not exist!  It is invented!   Definition of good according to the French dictionary Larousse: What a moral rule prescribes, as opposed to what it condemns… Definition of evil according to the French Larousse dictionary: That which is contrary to good, to virtue; that which is condemned by morality…  … Continue reading Good and evil

Transcendental Euthanasia

Transcendental Euthanasia   By AtelTrainer, from the Valley of Hortunas, Spain ♥ ︎   After other countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Colombia have decided to legalize euthanasia for years, Spain has just approved it at the end of 2020, promoting public opinion division.    Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, in… Continue reading Transcendental Euthanasia

Audio Author’s notes Nº18

Audio Author’s notes Nº19

AtelTrainer Author’s notes 19 Index: Transcendental economy Audio-visual series of AtelTrainer’s author notes. Transcendental knowledge transmission for ancestral healing. Spiritual transcendental retreats and training in ancestral healing,

Transcendental economy

Transcendental economy  In general, the word economy is used to refer to the science that studies and analyzes the mechanisms for the creation of wealth, at the level of the individual, the family, the region, country or even a union of countries such as the European Union. An economist is an expert in economics who… Continue reading Transcendental economy

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Audio Author’s notes Nº16

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