From intention to liberation.

Ancient intentions and reflexions


Lao Tse, the ancient Chinese philosopher from the IV century BC, who inspired  me towards Tao philosophy when I was 23, said:


Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.


If you overcome others you are powerful. If you overcome yourself you have strength.


These reflections are intended for minds and egos.


♥ Intentions for liberation


If you manage to sincerely love who considers yourself their enemy, you will become invincible like the water that endlessly transforms.


If you sincerely love yourself, no enemy will be able to steal your peace, your freedom.
You should love who considers yourself their enemy, turning your back to their mind in order to avoid being its victim; but willing to embrace their soul, when the darkness of their mind disappears under the effect of transcendental love, based on infinite patience and the “healing” life circumstances that will awaken their silenced consciousness. Then, there won’t be any place left for hatred, rancor, envy…


There is no enmity when one of the parts is “friendly”.


Only minds create friends and foes, according to their selfish, at times subconscious, interest.


Learning to live from the essence is like turning the light of existence on, which makes any shadow of an enemy disappear under its beam of light. Then flows the vital energy radiating all beings and surroundings, because the fears and emotional blockages have been evaporated.


Living from the essence is loving with no intentions, sharing what has been offered.
The connection with transcendental love exists because of the necessity to go beyond the hormonal, primitive, selfish and possessive love. Thus transforming primitive love into an option and no longer the only way to love.


The lost society wanders on earth, destroying with each step the land that sustains it, for not being transmitted, generation after generation, the transcendental intention to live in harmony, in balance with the All.


The selfish and superficial common intention is to be happy at any price, being taught since a young age by the competitive spirit. It is the intention of the mortal mind. Whose result we all know: disease, disappointment, depression, destruction, annihilation… the end.


The common transcendental intention is to live in harmony, sharing what has been offered by the source between all free living beings. It’s to be in perennial peace. It’s the pure essence of existence. To create and not to destroy. It can only be reached by living from the heart, spirit, soul, transcending the mind, the subconscious and the hormones with care and patience.


♥ To love oneself,


  • one must be free from all fear,
  • one must remember how to connect with one’s essence,
  • one has to dare to transcend the mind and hormones with care,
  • refreshing the transcendental knowledge that remains the only universal reality that all mortals have in common, the profound meaning of existence,
  • one must transcend the fear of the dreaded terrestrial death in order to open the door to the full existence …


Transcendental love hug, from my permanent spiritual retreat…


Alain Tello Robledo


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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