We are!

We are!

The wife, the daughter, the well-intentioned friend, are free and unique spirits who share love, peace, harmony in this dimension…
The husband, the son, the sensitive friend, are unique and free spirits, who, in this dimension, walk on the path of affection and “protection”…

The wife, the daughter, the husband, the son, the friend, when they look in the mirror, are “they” and “them”. The “I” defines their social identity and singularity; but as we walk together towards the infinite common horizon, the “I” disappears to make way for the “WE”.

Before the word spouse, daughter, husband, son, friend, appears “MY”: symbol of possession and separatism. What is mine is not yours, that is what “MY” means. Unless we all connect to the transcendental reality that only unites and does not divide.

The fear of being alone looks to possess, for its own selfish protection.

Solely the deepest and most sincere empathy unites all beings without “possessive chains”. The sincere intention to share, to help and not to hurt, which is the pure sense of life, when put into practice is enough to establish indestructible ties, and to get far away from primitive lives disguised as modernity that repeat every year the same mechanisms of destructive distractions.

The “WE”, also exists between friends, not only couples.

The “WE”, has to first appear inside of us, uniting mind, body and spirit, to afterwards be shared with other “WE”s.

With my dear partner who has walked by my side for thousands of years, as I have walked by hers; with my beloved daughter of the Universe who walks freely by our side… together, just “WE”.

Transcendental Love,


Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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