Transcendental Experience ♥

Transcendental Experience ♥


Professional experience is sought to perform tasks effectively and efficiently, putting into practice the theoretical knowledge learned, and be valued for it.

Life experience is required to avoid problems and live happily. When in fact “difficulties” are nothing but the mirror of our mental rigidity.

Experience as we know it grows by doing the same things, or solving similar situations, learning from practice. Whether the aim is professional or personal, the goal is always to improve at an aesthetic, operational and/or economical level.

It is the experience of getting something external with excellence.
It is an experience that stagnates on a personal and spiritual level.

Experience based on knowledge that tomorrow will be obsolete due to the non-stop technological, social and business evolution, that change according to economic interests, and are disconnected from transcendental evolution.

The search for “social” experience makes people focus only on the object to be manufactured or on the situation to be solved, seeking the so rewarded excellence. It is the pursuit of perfection.
It is the experience that seeks recognition, comfort and safety as a reward.

The more “social” experience, the more “false” tranquility arises.




But personal and spiritual growth will only increase as one does things that are far from all acquired experience, from their good intention, and following the voice of intuition.

What makes someone grow more? Perfecting oneself by doing the same things, or by doing new and important things?

Fears make people not dare to make changes, to do truly new things. To live a new life. Just thinking about it worries them!

Most people prefer a comfortable, safe, and boring life made up of a lot of distractions, rather than discovering their potential by walking towards new horizons following their intuition, mission of life. They are victims of the slavery of Fear!

A life that fills the mouth with lots of “ifs” in old age.

A life, whose greatest adventure is lived in dreams through cinematic, fictional heroes. That stops them from being the protagonist of their own existence.

Transcendental experience invites you to stop looking for perfection to connect with the satisfaction of daring to do new things every day, as every day we are surprised by the changing rays of the sun, the walk of the drunk clouds, and the changing winds.

The transcendental experience of being eternal apprentices breaks the limits that the fearful mind wishes to impose for fear of the unknown and of making mistakes. ♥

“Social” experience is necessary, but only to later on give way to intuitive experience that doesn’t expect to know before doing.


Liberation! Connection!

Transcendental experience pays attention to ancestral universal knowledge that allows us to maintain the harmonious balance between all beings and nature. Taking care of our wonderful planet that is dying because of the “social” experience of our modern, ignorant society ♥

Transcendental experience only promotes the union between all beings of all dimensions, based in transcendental love ♥

The greatest and most liberating experience is to act and do, from the harmonious intention, without expecting to have initial experience. It is to be the apprentice who wishes to learn how to learn in order to continue learning, since existence does not repeat itself in order not to give way to dominate it, to fall asleep, or to get bored. This is fully living ♥

Personally, my life after more than half a century does not follow at all the inertia of my extensive professional and personal experience acquired by so many years of executive adventures ♥

I feel like an eternal apprentice that discovers himself every day at every moment, by being one with my own intuition ♥

The doubts of the past are my certainties now ♥

“Union-Coherence!”, which is no more than the mind and the “heart” that walk embraced towards to the same destiny, united by a mission to fulfill ♥

The world needs everyone to develop their own transcendental experience to maintain the balance of peace and harmony in this endangered paradise ♥

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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