Welcome BOB!

Let me introduce the newcomer of the AtelTrainer family!


Welcome Bob! Our tractor that has more than 30 years of experience in oxygenating lands and transporting heavy loads… You have just arrived to help us take care of our organic orchard, build the Transcendental Spiritual Center, and maintain it…

Ever since you joined us, accompanied by your coquettish trailer, our hands and backs are relieved, and the efficiency of “hard” labors has been multiplied. Thank you.

The deep sound of your robust engine takes us back to an old Spanish rural atmosphere, where children and adults’ laughters filled mountains and meadows with joy. The joy of living in harmony with nature that gave away its crops to sustain its caretakers, however more or less inspired they were.

Bob, the avarice and manipulative ambition of men, swapped the involvement of cavalries, that lasted through centuries, for your plowing performance; as they weren’t able to combine “technology” with nature in all its dimensions.

Dear Bob, your presence and cooperation will help us share this place with our future friends, the horses, that will join our Universal family, union of all living beings…

All this, to share with whom is willing to live in harmony with the All, far from any religion, sect, politics… Sharing the balance of life.
Welcome BOB!

Transcendental Love Hug from my permanent retreat, till…

Alain Tello Robledo

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“Alain Tello Robledo”


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