Covid-19 Vaccination



Covid-19 Vaccination

Author: Alain Tello Robledo – AtelTrainer

The world is beginning the great change that science anticipated decades ago with a thousand speculations under the names of global climate change, health crises, energy crises, economic crises, … for having exhausted natural resources, for not knowing how to pay the pensions of the ageing population, for the balance between active and passive population having been broken.


But according to the worldwide health crisis suffered by mankind as a result of Covid-19, a virus created by Existence herself, which defends itself with uncontrollable mutations, urging world health authorities to vaccinate the entire world’s population using last minute vaccines, in order to force the immunity of the herd.  


We have started with the first dose, thinking that the booster dose would be enough to achieve collective immunity, but we are already on the third and fourth doses, and not even a year has passed since the first one.  


From the Transcendental Ancestral Healing knowledge that I share, it is a mistake to try to vaccinate the entire world population. I explain it below:


If at the immune level the vaccine is stronger than patient’s own natural immune defences, the patient will suffer few side effects, but their natural immune capacity will be further weakened.


If at the immune level the vaccine is less strong than patient’s own natural immune defences, the patient will suffer strong side effects, as their immune system will struggle to eliminate the intrusive agents of the vaccine, tiring people’s own natural immune system in this silent, vital and unnecessary fight.


To weaken the natural immune system of people is to weaken in the future the whole humanity against pathogens (diseases) that currently do not affect us because people are minimally protected internally “defenses”.


The best vaccine to fight Covid-19 is for people’s natural immune system to be strong. As I explain in my fourth book, “Transcendental Love, Ancestral Healing“.


People become weak and sick because they are disconnected day after day, from an early age, from the Energy who gives life.  

When the two hemispheres are activated with thousands of voluntary thoughts, a magnetic field is generated that envelops the head with an invisible energetic cloud. This energetic field is so intense and powerful that it acts as a shield, preventing the “Life” energy from penetrating through the seventh chakra (crown or highest part of the skull).


People become ill because they are disconnected from the Source of Life energy, just like a plant without contact with sunlight would. 


Vaccination is indispensable as a last resort for people with a very low natural immunological level.
Before vaccinating a person, a reactive test should be done.


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Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo


In any situation, each person is responsible for their own existence, as long as they do not harm or disturb other beings and nature. Transcendental freedom based on universal common sense is the best anti-fear vaccine.  

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