Ancestral Healing, 100% effective, Essence to Essence

Author: Alain Tello Robledo

Our society is sick. Most of the first-world population frequently visit a physician to alleviate their “diseases” and disorders, while others appease their heath troubles with a thousand addictions: alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, drugs,…, as well as the intensive and compulsive practice of intense sports, that release endogenous drugs produced by the body in order to calm down agitated minds.


So many people run marathons to feel good! But they end up taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers because they also have to calm down the body’s discomfort and injuries caused by so many impacts and wear and tear. 

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Nowadays, no one is spared. Some take pills, others take painkillers and others fall into various addictions.


In the present time, there is a war between Scientific Medicine and the so-called Alternative Medicine. In addition to a war between pharmaceutical laboratories. 


It is a commercial, selfish war of diverse interests that uses people’s health as a bargaining chip.


AtelTrainer’s Ancestral Healing is totally different from the so-called Alternative Medicine. AtelTrainer’s Ancestral Healing is complementary to Scientific Medicine, not opposed to it.


AtelTrainer’s Ancestral Healing helps people live in good health until their final day, the day of their departure. Thus, as people regain their health, fewer medical resources are needed.

AtelTrainer Ancestral Healing, Essence to Essence, is 100% effective if the person is prepared to transcend.


Principles of AtelTrainer’s Ancestral Healing:

When the two hemispheres are activated with thousands of voluntary thoughts, a magnetic field is generated that envelops the head with an invisible energetic cloud. This energetic field is so intense and powerful that it acts as a shield, preventing the “Life” energy from penetrating through the seventh chakra (crown or highest part of the skull).


People become ill because they are disconnected from the Source of Life Energy, just like a plant without contact with sunlight would.  

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Ancestral healing therapy:

Alain Tello Robledo, Founder of AtelTrainer, who has been isolated from society for many years, only attends to people who are prepared to transcend. 


It is a complementary treatment (not an alternative) for all kinds of ailments: asthma, allergies, insomnia, cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic colds, pain and/or muscular and joint injuries…


In most cases, since the patient is prepared, only one treatment is enough to heal completely. 


Liberation is the opposite of loyalty!


How do I know if I am ready?

If after having attentively read some author’s notes, especially the Audio-video “The Good and the Evil” which is a pretreatment in itself; and after having read the full-colour illustrated mini-book on “The New World, November 2021 edition“, you feel that these readings and audios give you the impression that we can help you, then you are ready!  Further information click here !


The New World coming very soon:

People, unburdened by existential uncertainty, living in a just and equitable global society, will find the joy of living life to the fullest. The mind will relax and the immune system will function at 100%, which will drastically reduce current diseases and disorders, such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, etc. 


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«I booked a retreat with Alain in 2018, I somehow wanted to go there without knowing why. Something pulled me. So I ended up in a paradise. Nature, nature, nature, an own veggie garden, simple life but very relaxing and grounding. Nature walks, night walks, meditations, acupuncture, yoga, deep talks, healthy food.
A complete healing package and I wish I could have stayed longer than one week (no, its not a vacation, its much more). Some months later I had an accident and hurt my back very badly, followed by a complicated operation. I was so much in pain like never before, although I took morphium.
Alain found out that I was suffering and offered 3 energy healing sessions via phone. It was amazing – I couldn´t get out of bed on my own, I couldn´t breathe properly, I couldn´t walk. After our first session I had almost no pains for some hours, I was suddenly able to breathe and the next day I went for my first walk since my accidend. It was like I jumped some weeks in my healing path. And after every of the next two sessions I felt much better. If you are either “in search”, or you are in pain and need help: I can deeply recommend Alain and his methods.»
Kerstin (Germany) 07/2018



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Transcendental Love Hug,




Alain Tello Robledo

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