Transcendental Strike

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…Strikes as we know them threaten to empty consumers’ refrigerators. 

But be assured that governing class and powerful minority will not lack for food and freedom of movement, because they own their own private planes, yachts and helicopters.

Citizens maintain the system that the minority with great dark power runs the world in the shadow of governments.

The perfect, effective and peaceful strike, can only be achieved through the true union of the repressed and subjugated majority. That is to say, the union of all citizens who, instead of blocking accesses to the main roads, they get organized to redistribute food directly from the farmer’s truck to the citizen through fair payment for their produce without going through the supermarkets. 

This would force supermarkets and multinationals to put pressure on governments, as strikes could then be truly unlimited, and will endanger the imposed economic and social system, in which citizens are merely a pawn, and the governing minority the beneficiary…

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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