World War III

World War III

Everyone fears the beginning of World War III !

It has already started some time ago with Covid-19 worldwide management.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine, and now the one in Gaza, where so many people on both sides are dying and suffering, with Russia, that threats to explode atomic bombs, even talking about the end of humanity, feed the fear of the people of the planet.

There is no good side, the United States, NATO, Russia, China, Iran, and others, are the instruments of the dark power behind of all world conflicts, to better manipulate the frightened mass.

Soon, the Essences, which give life to people, will manifest with an elevation of consciousness, for no longer supporting this situation, that endanger the future of new generations, which will unite the civilian and military population, to put an end to the division of humanity, for the interests of a dark minority.

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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