Fashion, the flock’s law!


Fashion, this social phenomenon that dictates people’s good taste for a, supposedly, better quality of coexistence.

Each social class, each age group, has rules for how people should dress, how they should look, what car they should drive, what phone to have, what to drink, who to meet, which restaurants to go to, where to go on vacation to relax and enjoy, how to speak, write and behave when communicating… In short, fashion rules most people’s lives in our current society…

It’s society’s law in order to be accepted! Accepted by that same consumerist system. Fashion changes according to the interests of unscrupulous multinational corporations.

Some decades ago, in Japan it was fashionable for women to have black teeth and white faces, now it’s the opposite. Some decades ago, smoking was a sign of distinction. Now, those who smoke are prosecuted as if they were delinquents…

The fear of being the  “black sheep” of the family, of being criticized by the conditioned mass, does not allow a lot of people, hopefully the majority, to express themselves sincerely, authentically, according to their true identity, without makeup nor disguise. Undoubtedly, the assets of multinational corporations would be endangered and governments would find their manipulation power considerably reduced, but society would win in creativity, in diversity, in plurality, which is required by evolution itself… Creativity and the evolutionary process come from the “collective individual”, not only from the collective group!

Living truly without fears, disguises, strongly reduces the excessive stress and unnecessary energy consumption, thus finding profound wellbeing and lasting health…

Worst! … where have we been taking humanity’s cart with our frenetic run(1)?


Sincere and warm hug from AtelTrainer Method to inspire you for a better World…

Your friend,
Alain Tello Robledo

(1) in the literal and figurative sense

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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