Transcendental economy

Transcendental economy 

In general, the word economy is used to refer to the science that studies and analyzes the mechanisms for the creation of wealth, at the level of the individual, the family, the region, country or even a union of countries such as the European Union.

An economist is an expert in economics who analyzes economic variables, aiming at economic growth. 

We could say that economy is the mechanism to generate more money.

From childhood, children are educated and lead to think that to be happy and accepted, you have to earn money and have a high purchasing power. 

First world children are required to learn the rules of the “social game”, to have the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled, to earn money and have economic resources way beyond their basic needs.
Third world children only have one option, to try to survive. For them, having their basic needs met is a great luxury. And being rich is a very distant dream on the horizon that fills refugee boats with lost souls.

This economy that governs and drives nations and individuals to enrich themselves no matter the cost, has led us to the current, unprecedented, world situation. The richer a few people are, the more the planet and all her beings are poor and dying.

In the past, the wealth of some (minority) created the poverty of others (majority). But now, there are many more rich people in the world who keep increasing the generalized poverty in third world or emerging countries, as well as in the “unprotected first world” social classes, at the same time that they hasten the annihilation of our planet, as destructive societies and unscrupulous individuals have usurped her resources and health, in their search for better economies. It is the result of selfishness in its purest form.

In our societies are not born children, but future anxious consumers. People who have been taken away from transcendental reality, to be guided by the world of manipulation, of fear. 

Everyone thought Mother Earth to be huge, indestructible and of unlimited resources. 

Most still think that each person has his own destiny. 

Mistake! Ignorance! Unconscious manipulation!

The individual destiny walks on the path of existence for all.

The “rich” person who, with their wealth, can’t find anyone or anything that cannot be bought, is the most empty and distrustful person on the planet, whose conscience survives, sometimes, sharing generosity out of fear, distraction or image. It is truly sad to doubt the love of your partner, thinking they might be with you out of greed. I have met people who were in this situation when I was VIP personal trainer in the past.

No human being can be as generous as Mother Earth, who gives everything, to all her children, without conditions. Her beings’ happiness is her happiness too. 

Here all beings share the same destiny, sailing all together in this wonderful ship that is the Earth, that sails at full speed through the known and unknown universe.

The fact that millionaires have grown by 10% in these months of pandemic where so many people suffer and die, says it all!

The economy-money is created by the mind to satisfy selfishness, to the detriment of its environment and its fellows. All for fear of losing its exaggerated and superfluous comfort and supposed safety. Many hide behind a hypocritical ecology and spirituality to be on the side of the “good ones”, but it’s all done with empty words and superficial actions.

The “good” don’t exist, but the grateful do.

The conscience of the mind is created out of fear of “karma”, hiding behind kind and demagogue actions. I do good to make up for evil. Evil being the chosen or imposed social lifestyle.


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Transcendental economy is based on the law of common sense and harmony. It is nourished by what unites us all, harmony, hugs, air, water, earth, sun, sky, rain, seas, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, animals, stars, and the Universe… All this freely provided to all beings by Mother Earth and the Universe.

The transcendental economy values the important and essential aspects that life gifts us in this wonderful planet that is being destroyed. 

Unfortunately the Corona virus and something more severe and resounding to come soon, will awaken the few survivors of this long, blind, ignorant and destructive lethargy.

There is food for all beings on this planet. 

There is water for all beings on this planet. 

There is air for all beings on this planet. 

Building a house for everyone is free, if we all help build each other’s house. 

Sustainable and essential technology for all, to gently distract and connect people around the World, uniting the wisdom of the past with the law of the material and the spiritual evolution-essence of tomorrow.

Each person has to discover themselves and their innate gifts will appear. This is one of the profound meanings of life, learning to know oneself until the end of our earthly existence. 

May vocation be born naturally from early childhood and not just as an escape from a corrupt and violent system for sensitive, “rebellious” and courageous people.

All humans have an ego-mind, but still very few dare to live from their heart-essence. 

The mind is becoming increasingly agitated behind a thousand looping distractions, for having lost the connection with existence. Existential emptiness! 

Sickness, violence and sadness are the result of lost minds.
Minds united to their own essences live in absolute coherence, giving themselves to existence itself. 

Transcendental consciousness increases its union between mind-body-essence with the Universe and the Source of all, far from all religions and beliefs.

To live from the essences is to allow existence to manifest itself at every moment. What is received from nature is lovingly returned, maintaining the transcendental balance. 

Taking care of who cares for us should be the occupation of humans.
To truly live is to see with our eyes closed and to walk while allowing oneself to be guided by the heart without trying to understand anything, only trusting oneself in connection with what protects and guides us…

For most, intuition is something intangible, volatile, associated with luck. Since many years ago, I’ve lived 100% according to my intuition while being retired from society. 

My mind no longer pays attention to its own thoughts, only abandons itself to its own essence-intuition. Intuition is the universal language that guides all beings towards a world of union and harmony, and something else. 

Beyond the evolution of the human being, there is the expansion of the vital energies, essences-Universe. 

This is what we teach here at the AtelTrainer Transcendental Training and Ancestral Healing Center in Hortunas, Spain.

Here money does not open the door of transcendental knowledge, only prepared people with a mind willing to transcend, are welcome, far from all religion and sect. In fact, participants can only come once, at most twice. Customer loyalty is anti-liberation.

All our income allows our transcendental economy to continue to grow, to share what we perceive with all the prepared people, with our friends the sensitive and wise animals that suffer so much and also with Mother Earth. Every euro is shared!

I have water, I have food, I have a roof, and above all, I have the unconditional love of the Valley and all her beings, of Massiel, of Chantal, and of Sombra… My economy doesn’t need anything else for having transcended the superficial, valuing the extras as gifts of life.

Nothing is bad! Good or bad is the intention with which we move in this life. 

A gun with no intention to kill is just a piece of steel. 



Thank you…

Transcendental Love Hug,
        Alain Tello Robledo

Transcendental Knowledge and Ancestral Healing
Book 4: Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing

People are born and die, generation after generation, to the rhythm of earthly existence.


If Mother Earth were to die, she would die forever and so would all her children.

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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