Ten years ago!

Ten years ago!

During the spring of 2009, AtelTrainer was born.

A few months after I finished my collaboration as an executive member of the 32 America’s Cup. Starting an episode of uncertainty as a newly unemployed.

Everything started in the most spontaneous and not at all reflected way, contrary to my many years as a professional who studied and analyzed every detail, every business and commercial action.

On a weekend of leisure, while doing open kayaking in the rough waters of the Cabriel river, I injured my left ankle in the dumbest of ways.

During the pertinent rehabilitation, so many exercises meant to recover the mobility of the injured joint revived in me my sports knowledge as a karate and sports instructor which were hidden in the background of my mind, behind so many years of professional memories.

One day, Massiel accompanied me driving the car on the way to visit her family. Sitting in the passenger seat, watching the landscape fly by without focusing on any particular detail, meditating with my eyes open, I broke the silence saying, “I am going to create a personal trainer company!” I was surprised to hear my own words. Thus began my new journey, which was nothing more than my “awakening”.

In very few years, and accompanied by my four books in which I have being sharing the evolution of my transcendental knowledge, I went from a personal trainer to a transpersonal trainer, to a transcendental trainer, and finally to what others say I am at this moment…

Thank you for having joined me during these years, until I moved away from all of you, family, friends, society, to live in connection with the All, far from religions and mundane beliefs.

While approaching myself I walked away. You cannot be in two places that opposite at the same time (mind or heart / essence).

Now I share ancestral healing retreats with the people prepared to transcend ♥ for a better world …

In the no search you will find yourself♥

Transcendental Love hug,


Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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