Living Death

Living Death


Death; you are more feared for not knowing essential matters

Life is spent fleeing from you, fearing the darkness and the solitude

You are the essence of life

We come from your non-existence to live and then return…

There is no fulfilled life if one doesn’t timidly look you in the eye

Your darkness is feared for not being able to see you or feel you in the deepest part of life

Not understanding nor fearing you, nurture the sincere happiness of living

We don’t wish for you to come, for we want to continue to enjoy the physical life a moment longer

We don’t turn our back on you because we truly live

We don’t have to find you, as you are part of life

Playing with you will only anticipate your arrival

We are only sorry for your arrival for not having known how to live our

life’s mission, and for having filled the past of too many “If I had”

Your darkness is the brightest light of existence

Your silence is the sweetest symphony of the universe

Your presence is the essence of our bodily existence, but not of our soul

Souls only suffer when a mind, a circumstance, anticipates the material death of another soul

The conscience, voice of the spirit, voice of the soul, cries whilst watching others suffer, our dear Mother Earth… looking for consolation in the infinite universe…

Full existence doesn’t exist without assuming and respecting death
Death only exists through the fear of stopping living

Our physical reality, guided by our mind, evaporates

Our essence lives on…

From a friend of the soul who greets you from a distance and unhurriedly awaits

Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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