Ancestral Healing Workshop London

England (London)

Address: Dalston Den Studio, 89a Kingsland High Street, Dalston Hackney E8 2PB, United Kingdom

On Weekend (Saturday):

1: March 7th, 2020.
From 10 am to 6 pm.

Germany, Portugal and France soon.


  • Presentation and demonstrations of ancestral healing techniques.
  • Student’s diagnoses and personalized liberation treatments.
  • Healing sounds practices.
  • Intuitive-sensitive healing yoga & healing meditation introduction and practices.
  • Intuition connection practices.
  • Transcendental philosophical relaxation-connection.
  • Energetic liberation treatments to all participants will be done along the journey.


People live disconnected from vital energy, having blocked the 7th chakra by the exaggerated and endless activation of cerebral hemispheres. This is the cause of diseases and imbalances in our  modern societies. Even pets are getting sick around the lifestyles of their “owners”.
The need to understand, the shutting of the door of Intuition, and the silencing the voices of the Essence make one farther away from a Transcendental Balance.
Faith in oneself can only truly appear when the essence manifests itself.


Modern medicine and alternatives, treat only the symptoms, and never really cure patients. They are mainly used to relieve or maintain a patient’s condition and the consumerist dependence in chemical or natural medicines.


This Ancestral Healing workshop aims to liberate students/trainees (with transcendental treatments), and to guide them afterward to an approach to ancestral healing process, connecting to a  higher level of consciousness.



Trainees who wish to join this workshop should do so with open hearts and empty minds from their Intention/Intuition. Others skills such as Reiki can disturb or limit the transcending process, as transcendental, ancestral healing is completely different to all known techniques and knowledge.


After having participated at this first ancestral healing workshop in England, participants will be able to practice deep healing meditation and deep healing yoga.


The guide/coach:

Alain Tello Robledo (1961), after spending more than half a century living at society’s pace,  has left many “distractions” to live accord in accordance to his intuition, with the  voice of his Essence … He has lived  retired from society and human beliefs and isolated in nature for many years.


With the distant support of his beloved partner Massiel and his beloved daughter Chantal, and following the path of his intuition, they have been creating the first phase of the transcendental AtelTrainer center, ancestral healing, holistic and laic with their own hands. Located in the small, isolated and magical valley of Hortunas de Arriba (Requena, Valencia, Spain). it is a place of international transcendental spiritual retreats of ancestral healing.


He has changed the search for promised ephemeral happiness by the permanent and deep peace connection, in relation to the All.


2013, he published his first book, “Psycho-Fitness Holistic”.
2015, his second book “Zen Sport”.
2016, his third book, “Transcendental Training”.
2019, his fourth book, “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

He is dedicated to international training and transcendental healing / energy therapies to promote self-healing…


His “work” and mission are to help each person discover their essences and live in harmony with themselves, for a better world.


Now, he feels the need to share universal knowledge throughout the world (by conducting training courses, workshops, seminars…), along with the organization of individual retreats of liberation in his healing retreat center in Hortunas, Spain.


Volunteer assistants :

Gaelle Duchemin ♥
Massiel García Carpio ♥
Chantal Tello García ♥


Maximum 20 trainees/students.
Requirement: be able to sit comfortably on the ground. No addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
Price Saturday workshop:  206€  (+- £ 175).
Snacks and water are included.
Additional requirements: It is required to fill in the registration form.
Students will need to bring their own yoga mats. Furthermore, trainees can take their meditation pillow and/or meditation bench if they have one. Also their own pendulum if they have one (optional).
To reserve the place a deposit of 50% of the total price is requested (non-refundable).
The remaining amount must be paid at least 30 days prior to the start of the workshop.
50% of the total amount of the course may be refunded in exceptional cases.


It is not a Yoga Workshop as such!


Liability insurance covers the activity of the coach.


Transcendental Love Hug


Alain Tello Robledo
WhatsApp & Phone 0034 655401044

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