Zen Rafting by AtelTrainer

Zen Rafting by AtelTrainer


Meeting point in the little town of  Venta del Moro (Valencia – Spain).
The activity will take place in a wild Cabriel river area. Just 20 minutes away from Venta del Moro.
Activity organized by AtelTrainer.


Such activity is called rafting zen, not because it offers a rafting dynamism “adrenaline”, but because we use  rafting boat to ensure stability and security.
It is a soft activity to feel nature power through river and  surrounding energy…
We will enjoy some active, contemplative, meditation time according to river rhythm…
The clear and pure waters will invite us to take some funny swims…
We will end with a short stretching session by AtelTrainer (fusion from eastern and western philosophies), followed by a short secular meditation on the river shore. Taught by Alain Tello Robledo.
Light Picnic to restore energy.



It is not an extreme outdoor activity!
It is a peaceful journey to our interior, conveyed by the power of the river… of the nature…

Equipment (helmet, neoprene, lifejacket) supplied by the organization.
Minimum group of 6 people.
Sun protection, swim sweet, water sandals required.
From March to October. 

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