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AtelTrainer Method Workshop

Workshops and seminars of AtelTrainer Method are based eastern and western knowledge’s fusion…
 The Art of living! The Art of moving

AtelTrainer workshops uses sport techniques thoughtfully adapted  to learn the art of living in harmony with the Universe. Preparing us for a lasting life that will leave behind actual life expectancy.

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Program basis

* Minimum group of 10 people.
* Type of physical activity: soft.
* Physical shape of participant: normal.
* Suitable for all.
* Session duration: 120 minutes.
* Theoretical-practical seminar duration: 4 hours.
* Where: around the world. In Hortunas AtelTrainer Center.
* Necessary equipment of participants: comfortable sports clothes, towel and mat..

Example of a atelTrainer workshop:

Introduction (speech). Attendees Introduction. Sports Myths. What is a transcendental goal at personal and collective level. Practical Philosophy based on Tao and over the Tao. Transcendental alimentation, Hydration… Masculine and feminine energies. Transcendental balance…
* Deep breathing techniques.
* Speed, resistance, and movement range awareness.
* The Core training.
* Life style as master training plan.
* Much more…

For seminars, the speech is longer, inviting attendees to participate. For more information visit

Please contact me if you wish to help me to organize an atelTrainer workshop or seminar in your country. Prices will be studied with interest.

Alain Tello Robledo

Alain Tello Robledo