Virtual reality?

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Virtual reality?

The word virtual comes from latin “virtus”, means strength and virtue. But actually we use this word to describe things that apparently don’t exist, in opposition to the real or physical.

From the rational mind, source of imagination and dreams, points out virtual as not real, everything related in electronics, computing, technology. Is the mind rational source real?

Rational reality comes from mind’s dreams and imaginations put into practice.  From there have been built the values and social habits that turn away from the transcendental reality. We can see the critical planetary situation where this mental reality has led us.

It is said that there are so many realities as people (minds), but there is only one reality for all beings. This reality is common to all mortals:

  • The sun warms the heart of all beings.
  • The sky is blue for all eyes.
  • The water is pure and fresh for all living beings.
  • The stars shine for all souls.
  • Fruits and vegetables nourish all beings.
  • Mother Land, take care of all of us.
  • The fate of our planet earth is common to all.

Transcendental reality takes care of the life of all beings in lovingly harmony with the Universe.

The mental reality that has created a sub-reality that breaks the transcendental balance, is nothing more than a virtual reality put into practice for selfish ends.

My words are not words of criticism, they are words of reflection for the good of the All.


Transcendental love hug from my permanent retreat, till…

Alain Tello Robledo

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