TWO Ends

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TWO Ends

Life wants to give us the best it can at different times, parents, siblings, colleagues, a partner, a home, children, health, beauty…they are gifts of happiness.

Life is also governed by an unknown law which takes away what we acquired in time, so we feel the other extreme of pain, worry, suffering, sadness, despair…

As we come and go from one extreme to the other, we pass by an area of balance, peace and serenity

Attachments and dependencies of the benefits from life stop us and delay our return to balance.

Attachment and dependency are words with strict senses that mean they don’t want time to go by

Patience, adaptation and flexibility are words that flow with life, being the essence of an infinite universe.

Impatience is an aggressive and destructive word that doesn’t let things run their natural course

Life is an never-ending movement

Time doesn’t go by in life

Things happen in life

We care for our body with sense, love and patience by relaxing and purifying our mind

We move by breathing, without tiring ourselves

Calm movements create patience

Sensible patience and movement are eternal life

Sensitivity flees from getting trapped in one of the two extremes, seeking balance

Our personal growth is returning to balance as quick as possible, when the storms and excesses of kindness come to the door. In the area of balance, we can see and feel a better landscape, leaving tomorrow in the horizon

Living in the present in difficult times is letting it pass by at its pace without understanding it

Living in the present with beautiful moments is feeling the present go by at its own pace without retaining it

Living in the present in an area of balance is feeling the present and letting it go without fearing it


Your friend,

Alain Tello Robledo

Life Coaching

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