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Since I was a teenager, I have been going to gymnasiums, first in France, after in Spain and in the United States. During the last decades, I have undergone the different changes and improvements in sporty techniques and trends as student, customer or instructor. Fitness activities are essential to workout any sport.

Basic facilities:

  • Warm-up room & stretching room.
  • Cardio room.
  • Body-Building room.
  • Tatami.
  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Outdoor.

I have been doing Tai Chi Yang for some years.

It is perfect to compensate our speedy lives.

To flow at all level makes us more balanced and flexible.

Tai Chi helps to canalize our energies.

Practicing Tai Chi Yang I work out my opposite and explosives karate do katas… speed and slow…hard and soft…

Numerous are Tai Chi benefits when it can be practiced regularly. Further more if it is combined with other activities…

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Sport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport Book

I have been doing karate since I turned 16. Shotokan style. In 1987, I passed my Black Belt. In 1988, I passed the exam of sport instructor – karate specialization.1990/1991, Instructor of Karate SIT Campus, Vermont, USA.

I have participated in many competitions, organized both in France & Spain (Championnat de France à Montpellier, etc.) .

I have been practicing “Street Roller Skating & Fitness skating” for long (20/30 km).

I have participated to some speed races amateur  ​​skating.  I participated for fun.

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Sport BookSport Book
 1976/1979: I was a player of the University of Perpignan’s Handball team. France.

I have been playing tennis since I turned 16. In the 80th, I used to play tennis intensively.

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2004/2007, being involved in the 32 Edition of the America’s Cup, I had the chance to enjoy many sailing experiences.

I discovered this activity 10 years ago.

After having spent many hours kayaking with experts in calm and fast river waters, for fun, I have often organized kayak journeys for close friends. Winter 2001/2002, close to a friend of mine, we went down the wild river called Cabriel (Spain). That was a three days adventure. We camped on the river shores with no external assistance.

I have launched Zen Rafting experience.

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SPRING 1993: Trekking in “Cabriel” river gorge  called “las Hoces del Cabriel”, Spain.

 AUTUMN 1993: another outdoor adventure  journey with some colleagues. We used to  discover new wild sites and paths,  practicing trekking, rappel and canyoning.

It was the first climbing technique I learned and mastered “to face out” my numerous mountain adventures I have undergone till today.

Picture from october 1993, rappelling one cliff of “Hoces del Cabriel”. It was one of my numerous trainings to master this technique, focused on improving security level by using double and dynamic ropes 10Ø, and using a fast super 8 belay. …as maximum security measure to attend possible difficult and unstable descending, I fixed an independent 8Ø rope, using a self-locking brake descender device.

Uuups… My helmet!!!

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Sport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport BookSport Book

In 1980, my passion for mountain adventures began. A group of expert climbers taught me all it was necessary to know to enjoy and respect mountains. I was the Benjamin of the group. We moved on the main Pyrenees tops: Mont Canigou, Puigmal, Carlitte, Costabonne, Aneto, Monte Perdido.

At ten years old, I started to alpine skiing. Ski resorts frequented: Font Romeu (FR), Pyrénées 2000 (FR), Frankfort (Northern Michigan, U.S.), Stratton (Vermont, U.S.), Virgen de la Vega (Teruel), Pal-Arinsal (Andorra).

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WINTER 1991: crossing an arm of Michigan Lake, (Michigan, U.S.A.).

WINTER 1998: Enjoying a skiing journey at Pineta valley cross-country skiing resort, Pyrenees, Spain.

WINTER 2004: Enjoying a family cross-country journey at Les Chalets d’Iraty, Pays Basque, France.

In France, as a student, I used to play volleyball during school breaks.

2012/103, a friend of mine, very good sport teacher of the Lycée Français of Valence, now retired, invited me to participate as deputy trainer of the infantile female volleyball team of Lycée Français of Valence.

For sure a volleyball court will be built in the future AtelTrainer Training Center.

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