The Center

 ¡AtelTrainer Transcendental Training Centre!

The AtelTrainer Centre in Spain “Universal Knowledge” has set up in Hortunas, in the region of Requena, just 80km away from Valencia City and, 20 minutes on the High-speed train (Requena- Utiel, on the route Madrid-Valencia).

The centre is set on 234,000 m2 (2,475,699 Ft2)of magical land where Spanish settlements have made a space for us in its beautiful landscape… Read more

It will be a place for sharing deep happiness, inner peace from a secular, transcendental and universal philosophy.


–       Environment-friendly centre

–       100% renewable energy

–       100% eco-friendly

–       100% pure education

–       100% traditional treatments

–       Suitable for all people of all ages and gender

–       Internal funding…

 The innovating AtelTrainer Method will become a research centre for the art of living through soft movement.

Pics of the magical land


Pics of initial infraestructura  2016


Foreseen Infrastructure:

–       Wooden Dojos/Ashrams (spiritual training room)

–       Outdoor Dojo

–       Practise area for Zen archery

–       Wooden huts for various treatments

–       Garden

–       Artificial lake with eco-friendly water irrigation system

–       Organic orchards

–        Greenhouse

–       Small ecological farm

–       Volleyball court

–       Small leisure/therapeutic swimming pool (natural filtration)

–       Windmill (water extraction…).

–       Recycling of water waste

–       Solar panels

–       …


Physical activities and games:

–       Spiritual Transcendental Ancestral Retreats

–       Healing yoga / Fitness Zen by ateltrainer

–       Tai Chi

–       Trekking

–       Kayak

–       Rafting

–       Therapeutic horse riding

–       Volleyball

–       BTT


–      Energetic Therapy – Ancestral healing

–      Shiatsu

–       ZEN physiotherapy

–       Dynamic meditation (Trataka…)

–       Healing Yoga

–       Life Coaching



–       Training to improve transcendental healing meditation

–       Introduction to transcendental healing meditation

–       Tao Stroll …

–       Meditative talks

–       Zen Rafting…

Workshops - Training

–       AtelTrainer Method Training workshop.

–      Tea ceremony workshop

–       Balance workshop

–       Sports meditation workshop

–       Seminars and retreats



–       Individual transcendental spiritual retreats.

–       Reduced groups transcendental spiritual retreats.


We expect to open new AtelTrainer Centers in Vermont (USA), Rishikesh (India), China…

It would be a great pleasure to support anybody who would like to create a new Centre in his/her country around the world, following AtelTrainer practical philosophy.