Shiatsu Atel – Shito touch – OutDoor Shiatsu

 Relaxation & Anti Stress

There is no manipulation. There are no secondary effects. Only relaxation and anti stress. It is a simple technique without risks.

It is an alternative therapeutic treatment. Especially useful in ´unloading´ the back, anti stress…

The massages are done at AtelTrainer Cabinet, at AtelTrainer Center, or at home. The patient/client is dressed during the massage.

 Shiatsu Massage: Relaxation


  • Shiatsu is a manual therapy originating from Japan.
  • It is a treatment recognised by the Japanese Ministry of Health.
  • The Shiatsu practiced by AtelTrainer is a Shiatsu for relaxation and global well being..
  • It helps to alleviate and correct the effects of stress, etc.
 OutDoor Shiatsu

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Outdoor Shiatsu Massage “Antistress” by AtelTrainer

The sensation of receiving a shiatsu massage outdoor  cannot be described with words… it is a trip to soul…

It is a deep wellness adventure….

It last 90 minutes.

Location: in a quiet place of “Jardín del Turia de Valencia”, Spain, under tree’s shadows, laying down on mats as a futon, wearing smooth cloths, you will receive AtelTrainer anti stress Shiatsu. Or in the AtelTrainer Center gardens (Hortunas, Spain).

Mild Mediterranean breezes and melodious birdsongs, will overwhelm you with the deepest sense of nature.

The session ends with a jasmine cup of tea.

The session starts with some assisted soft stretching exercises and diaphragm liberation techniques.

When: From April to November (sunny days).

Shito Touch: Muscular Anti Stress

Shito Touch is an anti stress massage technique developed by me and influenced by martial arts and the oriental philosophy.

I use this technique to relax muscular tension brought about by over exertion and stress. The technique consists of combining breathing with applying precise finger pressure on the muscular areas, etc. to obtain the required muscular relaxation.


Alain Tello Robledo
Meditation Bench (folding)