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Inherited and inculcated fears have their origin in the deepest part of the mind. Wanting to understand the reason for so much suffering, as a solution to get free  of fears, it is like trying to put out a fire expecting to understand its origin.

Existential fears kill balanced life interaction between all beings and surrounding. Then, arise diseases, emotional troubles as a consequence of having internal energetic blockages …

Transcending the mind is like setting aside the imaginary fire, keeping walking ahead to existence’s rhythm. Will be left behind paralyzing fears that prevent connecting to deep peace, living in harmony with the Whole.

Undoubtedly, to transcend the mind can only be done if  another level of existence is reached,  down to earth, look beyond the horizon, away from all religion and worldly beliefs.

If you feel prepared to undergo a liberation experience, without distractions or fantasies, I invite you to join a Transcendental  “Individual” Spiritual Retreats throughout the year at Transcendental AtelTrainer ‘s Center in Spain. https://www.ateltrainer.com/individual-therapeutic-spiritual-retreat/

Transcendental love Hug from my permanent spiritual retreat, till…

Alain Tello Robledo

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