Healing Sun Salutation

Healing Sun Salutation


Surya Namaskar, Salute to the Sun or Sun Salutation, is an ancient sequenced asanas.

There are lots of interpretations of Sun Salutation according to different yoga styles.  AtelTrainer, Alain Tello, close to Gaelle Duchemin, feel the need to share another interpretation of this ancient techniques as a fusion of Indian and Chinese knowledges. 

AtelTrainer uses this technique as a healing technique to improve the connection to body-mind-essence union.  

The difference can not be easily explained through words, as the slight difference is felt deep inside, and from outside is almost impossible to see the difference. The intention of the practice is the key point.

Beside my body limitations, during my practices in India they told me it seems to be a meditative Sun Salutation, how slow and deep movement transitions I have been doing.

Close to Gaelle, now is time to share my practices that  have helped me to free all mind’s limitations that had made me struggling in the past.  

The intention of Healing Sun Salutation is to help practitioners to connect and unite body-mind-essence, improving a deep feeling of internal union.  

Two Healing Sun Salutations intensities are shared according to mind preparation and body needs.

The first one is called  Dynamic Healing Sun Salutation that link asanas according to a high speed movement. It requires a good physical shape, but lose a deep internal connection. Nice to wake up muscles and joins.

The second is called Healing Sun Salutation that is focusing in a deep meditation movement, inviting unity between mind-body-essence-breathing.

Only through slow movement deep feelings can arise and cells memories can be released. Also, less muscles and joins injury’s risks.

Close to healing yoga, healing meditation, transcendental walking and meditative tai chi we share during our healing retreat, workshops and courses, Healing Sun Salutation prepares trainees to become an Ancestral Healers.

See, better feel the video interpreted by Gaelle Duchemin as a demonstration of Healing Sun Salutation. Click here to watch the video.

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo