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Annyeong Korea! – An illustrated travel diary


Auteur: Chantal Tello Robledo

Bientôt traduit en français  ! Merci

Chantal Tello García was born in Spain in 2000. She grew up in an international household where she developed her love for art and languages from a very young age.

She recently finished university with a Fine Arts degree and has constructed this book as part of her graduation project.


From an early age she helped her father Alain translate the last AtelTrainer books into English. She has also put her voice onto many of AtelTrainer’s “Author’s notes”.


At the age of 21, she is publishing her first illustrated book, the result of her graduation project for the university of Fine Arts, sharing with the world the wonderful experience she had while studying in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) during the year 2021. 


It is not a coincidence Chantal loves South Korea. 

After witnessing her wonderful experience, AtelTrainer has made plans to, in the near future, create a transcendental Training Center, Transcendental Hospital and Veterinary clinic in that beautiful country.  

Chantal has always helped her father to divulge worldwide transcendental knowledge and ancestral healing.

As her editor, AtelTrainer is glad to present her first book titled “Annyeong Korea! – An illustrated travel diary”.

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