Weekends Retreats Spain ♥

Languages: Trilingual: Spanish, English, French.

As a security and heath measure, during worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, only AtelTrainer retreats will be individual. 

Express Weekends  Spiritual Healing Retreats ♥


Available during all weekends around the year. Except weekends already included in programs, booked…

Ask for availability.

Almost individual healing  retreat: Minimum  one participant, maximum two participants.

Its is a healing retreat! No a yoga retreat!

Arrival on Fridays between 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
End on Sundays from  4 pm.
Price per person all included: 300€ 450€
VAT tax included.

Presentation of the retreat program basis:

This friendly and reduced spiritual group retreat (non-commercial), is based on ancient knowledge transmission,  practicing the ego and mind liberation through a fusion of universal techniques (AtelTrainer Method).

It’s a liberating retreat from laic and secular context.

Taking care of our body and mind using soft but deep techniques of Intuitive-sensitive healing yoga, chi kung, tai chi, Tao walking, transcendental meditation by AtelTrainer… you will cross the border of your mind and thoughts, to open the connection with your spirit, with the Universe…
No special prior training and physical shape is required.

It’s able for everybody as techniques and methods used are easy to perform.

Participants will only have Nature and the Universe as external references to get away from every mundane distractions in order to connect with their essence to leave worries, fears, and maybe sicknesses behind… I only have the honor to be the link and support between the human and the “divine”, to convey universal and transcendental techniques.

Presentation of the “Coach-Guide”:

Alain Tello Robledo, born in 1961, I’ve been leaving lots of “distractions” behind, to live from my vocation, my essence…

I’ve changed the search for the promised, ephemeral happiness, for the deep and long lasting peace in connexion with the Everything.

I published in 2013 my first book “Psycho-Fitness Holistic” as a personal trainer.

My second book in 2015, “Zen Sport” as a transpersonal trainer.

In 2016, I published my third book, “Transcendental Training” from the feeling of transcendental coaching.

January 2019, I’ve published my fourth book, “Transcendental Love – Ancestral healing”.

With the support of my beloved companion Massiel and of my beloved daughter Chantal, from our intuition, we are creating the first phase of the  AtelTrainer Centre of Transcendental Humanistic, Holistic and Secular Training, situated in the small, discreet and magic valley of Hortunas de Arriba (Requena, Valencia, Spain). Link: https://www.ateltrainer.com/centro-de-entrenamiento-ateltrainer/?lang=en

I devote myself to transcendental training and to energetical diagnoses and therapies to promote the auto healing…

My job and mission, is helping everyone discover their essence and be able to live in harmony with themselves, with the Everything…

The  Ateltrainer Center in Spain is seated on a private state of 234.000 m2 and is in the middle of the small and peaceful valley of Hortunas, which irradiates a special energy… A magic place to let oneself be surrounded and taken care of by the power of nature.

I can attend you in French, English and Spanish.


* Living in peace and harmony. Free from any fear and deseases…


* Energetical diagnose and treatment included (if necessary).
* “Zen” breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
* Intuitive-Sensitive Healing Yoga.
* Preparation and training for meditation (tratakka, according to agenda…).
* Transcendental healing meditation by AtelTrainer (guided or not).
* Taoist walks –  walking meditation.
* Free resting in silence.
* Initiation to meditative Tai chi (according to agenda, weather…).
* Free activities: painting, drawing, gardening, organic orchard care….
* Conversations “talking meditation”, where criticism doesn’t fit, only just and spontaneous, sincere words.
* …

PD: According to retreat duration, all or part of the proposed activities will be done.

Lodging and alimentation

As guest, individual free ancestral basic lodging.
Free breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks and dinners as a guest.
Transcendental alimentation philosophy, tolerant and “secular vegetarianism”.

It is not a tourist center. It is not a hotel-hostel or restaurant. It is a transcendental training center for ancestral healing.

For who?

People older than 18 years old.
There is no required level of physical preparation. Ateltrainer Training adapts to any age, gender, and physical limitations.


The Center is located in Spain between Madrid and Valencia.
80 km (49,7 miles) away from Valencia.
Address: AtelTrainer, Hortunas de Arriba,  46357, Spain.

How to get there?

By car:  
A3 Madrid-Valencia Highway, Requena exit, Almansa direction, pass El Pontón, La Portera and Hortunas.

By train & Bus:
Requena train/Bus stations (20km from the “Center”).
Option: ask the coach to pick you up: 20€ per trip.

By high speed train (AVE):
San Antonio de Requena AVE train station, Madrid-Valencia line (25km from the “Center”).
Option: ask the coach to pick you up: 20€ per trip.

By plane:
Valencia Airport (75km from the “Center”).
Option: ask the coach to pick you up: 50€ per trip.


Booking and operative organization from the AtelTrainer Cabinet, Padre Santonja Street, 38 – 4th, 46920 Mislata – Valencia – Spain.
Contact phone: 0034 655401044
Email: info@ateltrainer.com
Web: www.ateltrainer.com

Inscription form

Procedure for reserving the program:

  1. Confirm availability of the dates.
  2. Direct booking with AtelTrainer.
  3. Direct reservation: Deposit of 50% of the total amount of the chosen program (bank transfer). Refundable till 3 days before the retreat starts..
  4. Complete the inscription form online. Confidencial Treatment.
  5. Personalized information about everything the client needs to bring will be forwarded.
  6. Payment of the remaining price 3 days before the beginning of the program. Refundable if the cancellation because of a major issue was justified and informed 72 hours before the beginning of the program.

Participation commitments:

The Coach commits to transmit the spiritual knowledge in a sincere and honest way.
The client commits to involve themselves with complete sincerity during the activities of the program so that it has a higher efficiency.
The Coach will be available 24 hours a day during the program, offering a total spiritual support to the client.
The client commits to inform the coach if they’re taking any medical treatment whether it is occasional or usual, because the treatment could affect the enjoyment of the program.
Pets aren’t allowed because of the Center being in a “wild” area, and not to disturb wild beings living by, such as foxes, deers, boars, partridges… (pets could also get scared because of the smell of the local beings).
No alcoholic beverages, drugs or food are allowed.
It’s recommended not to smoke, or to smoke only during free times.
The use of phones or other electronic devices will be restricted to fixed hours. For programs lasting more than 5 days, there will be a possibility of days of free will.
An emergency call system will be established without disrupting the program’s dynamics.

In AtelTrainer nothing is prohibited, there are only recommendations appealing to common sense.

Informative note:

AtelTrainer Center of Transcendental training and ancestral healing of Hortunas, Spain (laic), has been declared “Community Interest”. The activities will be carried out following the economical activity of Alain Tello Robledo, schools and services of sports improvement, AtelTrainer Cabinet, Padre Santonja Street, 38 – 4th, 46920 Mislata – Valencia – Spain, offering services at home and outdoors worldwide.

The price paid only covers the work of the transcendental teaching and ancestral treatments. Food and basic accommodation is supplied as family guest.

The coach activity is covered by a liability insurance.



Pics of Hortunas’ small valley

Pics of initial infraestructure by 2016

Retreats Pics 

Pics of last New Year retreat 2016


Inscription form


Transcendental Love Hug

Alain Tello Robledo


All  services and products, objects offered are handcrafted to finance the phases of  AtelTrainer Centers. Thank you.