Transcendental love (1)

Transcendental love


It was a cold winter afternoon, Mary was taking a walk with her father Bernard along a forest path towards a waterfall on the Alegría River. 
United by the warmth of their intertwined hands, they walked sharing the right words so as not to miss the murmur of the wind that caressed the treetops of the silent pine and oak trees. 

Some birds greeted them discreetly to welcome them into such forgotten places.

Suddenly, Mary pulled on her father’s arm with the intention of stopping him, to make sure Bernard would pay full attention to the question that she was going to ask.

– Dad, you talk a lot about transcendental love! What is it?

As the two of them were standing, Bernard took both her hands in his, stared into her eyes, asking for her full attention, as an act of solemnity.
Honey, look, there is the love of parents, brothers, friends. Romantic and hormonal love, whether to have children or simply for pleasure. But there is a greater love than all that: the transcendental love.

The love of the mind, loves or does not love depending on its preferences, attachments, affinities, interests. The love of the mind is the love of possession: my wife, my son, my car…

Transcendental love is the love of essences that can only love and never hate, as they connect with the purity of every being. No possession. No expectation.

Daughter, do you like the sun, the stars, the moon?

Daughter, do you like the sea, the mountains, the rivers?

Daughter, do you like birds, foxes, wild animals?

Daughter, then do you love Mother Earth and all her beings and the Universe?
– Yes, yes, yes!

Honey, I love you like Mother Earth and all her beings love you and you love them unconditionally in return. United by the harmony of existence. 

Beyond earthly love, man-woman, feminine-masculine, there is the love of Mother Nature and the Father of the Universe, without religious, separatist interpretations or human beliefs. It is the energy of the Union with the All.   THAT IS TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE!

You are free beloved Daughter. We are united by the essences.

Alain Tello Robledo
AtelTrainer – Healing retreats

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