Transcendental love (2) 

Transcendental love (2) 

The word love in our societies has a universal meaning between like-minded people.

Many forms of love exist according to different ideologies and beliefs.
Love as a manifestation of affection, attachment, compassion and kindness of mankind. 

Love as it is transmitted from childhood, is basically promoting harmony, but always in search or maintenance of unions between related beings. 


The fear of loneliness and the search for protection make many people use “love” as an unconscious instrument to protect themselves from the fear of loneliness and hardship. 

Fear prevents the absolute sincerity, which frees all people, from appearing.

❤️ On the transcendental level, Love is a glue that binds every visible and invisible Being.

💔 On so many occasions people are united with an adhesive that peels off at the slightest contradiction or better emotional or material “opportunity”.

When two people love each other with the glue of Transcendental Love, their union is indivisible throughout lifetimes, pursuing the union between all Beings in any dimensions. 

People united on a transcendental level, do not need to say “I love you” to strengthen or prove their unions to live united. All they need is to learn how to do a sincere “Transcendental Love Hug”,  so that their Essences can thank the unbreakable union between mind-body-Essence, allowed by minds themselves.


The sentence “I love you” is used on a transcendental level, when loved ones cannot merge in a long, sincere and deep Transcendental Love Hug, due to space-time circumstances.

The sentence “I love you” is loaded with deep intentions of gratitude and unbreakable union on a transcendental level. It speaks more that any words.

Transcendental love can only occur when minds surrender to Existence-Essence.

Transcendental love loves all the Essences of the Universe.

There are no enemies in Transcendental Love, just turning their back to selfish and ignorant minds that one day will be liberated.

A “Beingist” person can only love on a transcendental level because of their vital sincerity.


A “Beingist” person has their heart open to all Essences, but has the strength to say “NO” to selfish minds.

Transcendental Love Hug, 




Alain Tello Robledo “Weare” and the AtelTrainer Team 


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