Transcendental Limits

Trancendental Limits 


This World is in danger and suffers because humans have transcended their own limits.

Every being comes to this world being a seed who brings a new evolutionary message.  But society educates its children to be someone else to be accepted by the mass in order to be happy.

Then our children are obliged to cross their own native identities  to be someone else.

The Existence never stops planting apple tree seeds in the earth, and because of the three transcendental elemental energies (earth, water and the energy of creation) these seeds will grow roots deep in the ground of Mother Earth, and their trunk, branches and leaves will connect to the sky of Father Universe to share sweet and nourishing apples to all beings of this planet.

Can you imagine what would happen to an Apple tree if it wanted, for any reason, to be a Cherry tree?  That’s what we ask our children to do! We ask them to go beyond their native transcendental limits, identities. Which is why this World we face now harvests aggressiveness, desperation and suffering!

When taking care of our body the same thing happens. It is generally promoted to cross the limits of body and mind to improve, to grow, to be the best… 

Because of this socialized “internal fight” lots of injuries and frustrations arise.

It is so simple to surrender to our limits, and then those same limits will step back, uniting mind, body and essence. This is the purpose of the Intuitive-sensitive healing yoga we share in AtelTrainer.

If you warm-up before stretching you will anesthetize your limits tone able to traverse them, then you will improve your fitness shape for a while, while also increasing the probability of sustaining injuries.

If you stretch without warming-up, you will feel the real limits of your muscles and joints as they are more sensitive “cold”. Then surrendering to your limits with no intention to cross them, just to be close to them, you will improve patience and long lasting functional shape far from injury risks.  

See you in our Transcendental Healing Center located in the isolated little Valley of Hortunas, Spain, or during our Ancestral Healing Retreats, Ancestral Healing Workshops or Ancestral Healing Courses.

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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