The Universal message

Extract from the third book “Transcendental Training” by AtelTrainer. Published in April 2016. Chapter “The Universal message”, page 167.


The Universal Message


Since I was a child, I felt through my dreams and nightmares that the solution to a humanity that is divided by stubborn and selfish minds, would come from a transcendental threat that would come from outer space and would endanger the life of the entire planet. The scared egos of friends and enemies, white people, black people, Arabs, Jews, the poor and the rich, will inevitably give way to the universal conscience, when they feel death breathing down their necks. It was a nightmare!

My special sensitivity, as some call it, has made me reconfirm after more than half a century of life through my intuition and transcendental meditation, that within the next five or six years, in 2021 or 2022, my vision from when I was little will come true.

Fortunately, I feel that it will be such a big and real scare that even the darkest minds will abandon their cruel power, to give way to the voice to the Universe, for the wellbeing of all living beings of today and tomorrow.

Within five lustrums, in 2041, all beings on the planet will live in perfect harmony according to the will of the Superior Energy. The Earth will be a paradise of the Universe once again.

Ever since 2008, this process of profound change can already be felt through the supposed and never-ending economical, political and social crisis worldwide. We are now at the beginning of 2016 and the same political and economical uncertainties from 8 years ago persevere…

The unstoppable process has begun, obliging people to raise their consciences.

The system that supports societies is coming to an end, as it broke the balance with the angry nature and its own way of life.

Nothing will be the same again as it was exaggeratedly unfeasible for the maintenance of balance of life itself.

Higher tuned in consciences will recover the sense of life on Earth, in balance with the All.

In 2050 there will be an energetic crisis, as some experts confirm, whose impact will be even worse than the current one.

The energetic transition has already begun, adding to the current economical, political and social crisis.

The problem resides in the fact that the dark part of humankind wants to continue to make profit by selling what the Universe has given us all for free.

They have become economically rich by selling petrol.
Now they want to continue to do so by selling renewable energies, making us pay for the rays of the sun and the passing breeze… That’s where the change is! Sharing what life gives us without extorting anyone…

The 2015 summit on climate change in Paris, was not able to conceal the serious ecologic and environmental crisis that is affecting the planet, whose primary symptom is global warming.

The next few years will be ones filled with social unrest. We just have to look at how popular career paths have proliferated worldwide. People run, “flee”, searching for endorphins and adrenaline to calm concerned minds that believe that there is only this “unsustainable” way of life… What torment!

Years of scared egos that will continue to hide their fears behind all types of excesses, violence, and destruction await us. But beware, the awakening of conscience will be harder to bear for the perverse, dark minds….

My intuition in connection with the Universe’s Energy, tells me everything will be marvelous in 25 years.

We don’t have to wait until 2041 to enjoy our well-being and full health, by living in peace and harmony. I have shared this feeling for some time now, from a balanced lifestyle in which sincere love and common sense lead my steps… It’s not easy to swim against the tide… but it’s AtelTrainer’s mission, far from all religion and politics.

I am a lucky person; a free person. I have swapped my “tie for a tracksuit”. I have cured myself from all illness and fear…

Each and every person I help to free from their fears and illnesses… makes me feel the happiest person in the world with each sincere hug of mutual gratitude.

When mankind lives according to their inner balance, their body, their metabolism flow in the energy level, and gets to work gently and efficiently work, activating their self-healing process…

Humanity is in transition towards a harmonious life with the All.

Life expectancy has soared… we just need to greet these extra years with quality of life to enjoy the wise and marvelous maturity…

I have been disconnected from mundane news for some years now, in order to concentrate on the language of feeling in body and soul.

Whilst I was writing the last words of this book, I received the news, from a good friend, that some scientists talk about people living up to 150 years… if they do not limit themselves mentally behind false and/or obsolete beliefs. Furthermore, they claim that the secret resides in the lifestyle and awakening of conscience… Here we already have a scientific clue of the great change that is coming…
<< “The first person to live to be 150 has probably already been born “.
“If life was eternal we would not be able to live with the same intensity”

Cultural article 3.0: Mr. Punset, the writer Gregory Benford is sure that we could easily live up to 150 years and that many of those who read this article will see it. Moreover Aubrey de Gray (a biomedical gerontologist), assures us that the technique will be accelerated immediately and nothing in this interview will remain an utopia… Many researchers that work in the field of aging suggest that a slower pace of life, without extremes, nor drugs, nor excesses, low in calories adds years to our life. It is not a boring panorama? How can that idea fit into this idea of our time of  “living in a hurry, dying young and being a pretty corpse?”…>>>

Once again, science explains and confirms what already exists in the Universe. Science helps the most incredulous minds to understand that something superior governs everything.

But science will never be able to understand and confirm what I do from another “dimension-connection”. If I had had to understand before doing, I would not be doing what I do, and even less what I write from my deepest feeling, the language of the essences in connection with …

You can understand things through deep feeling, without understanding them.


I have everything I need and more: a glass of fresh water, a piece of bread, a roof and unconditional love of the essences …
In the silence of our hearts, we are all united from eternity.
Your peace is my peace ❤️

Future Generations will live in peace!

Thank you…

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Alain Tello Robledo
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