The Owl

The Owl…

Last week, when the workers of the company Fuster came into the main wooden house of the future AtelTrainer training center in Hortunas, Spain, they found a young Eagle-Owl waiting inside…

They immediately informed me of such marvelous “meeting”… joy invaded my whole being, a tear rolled down my cheek…. The Owl is my “power animal”… Ever since I was a little boy I used to imitate their cries, interacting with them from the terrace of a small village in the south of France called Vingrau.

As Fuster’s manager said…

Dear little Owl, thank you for welcoming us to the wonderful and wild valley of Hortunas… You know our intentions are to live in deep harmony with all of you, beloved living beings of such discrete paradise on earth …

We are in the middle of a hunting zone that we hope, with the help of you all, to convert into a nature reserve for the frightened and chased dear little animals…

In very few weeks, it will become the home of anyone that desires to share peace in balance with the All, enjoying transcendental training and treatments…

Thank you for sharing… going against the stream is still difficult, and any help is welcome.

Love and hug!

Alain Tello Robledo

PD: Our Owl friend was immediately freed, after taking the picture, we saw him fly calmly across the small valley…

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