The most lethal virus since the beginning of mankind’s time

The most lethal virus or disease since the beginning of mankind’s time

From ancient times to the present day, many viruses have taken the lives of large numbers of people, such as:

  • The Plague of Justinian (541-542 CE): 25-50 million deaths.
  • The Black Death (1347-1351): 75-200 million deaths.
  • Smallpox (1500 BCE – 1977 CE): over 840 million deaths.
  • The Spanish Flu (1918-1920): 40-50 million deaths.
  • HIV/AIDS (1981-present): 33-48 million deaths.
  • Etc.

Recently, we have suffered from Covid-19 which has paralysed the entire world and caused approximately 10 million deaths.

However, there are many other viruses and diseases that are currently generating suffering and death in the world, for example, these are 7 deadly viruses that still have no vaccines:

  • Ebola
  • Avian Influenza
  • MERS-CoV
  • SARS
  • Nipah
  • Marburg Fever
  • Crimean-Congo Fever

And let’s not even talk about other diseases like cancer or vascular accidents that continue to extinguish human lives at every age.


Despite all this, the “virus” that is killing the entire humanity, the future of the new generations and the Planet, is called “beliefs”, based on individual and collective unconsciousness and ignorance.

The “virus” of beliefs has been strengthening its destructive power through centuries of memories, dividing humanity. 

Beliefs are the result of interpretations of the universal reality that is beyond the reach of rational minds, like Albert Einstein stated in his personal and scientific reflections.

Over the centuries, beliefs have become absolute truths that continue to govern human actions. It is equivalent to saying that the actions of humanity are directed from multiple interpretations of the reality of the Universe that is changing at every instant (evolution). We are seeing the destructive result of following the beliefs of the past and new ones, at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Beliefs are the result of interpretations of the mystery of Existence, in search of biased truths, that tirelessly activate the cerebral hemispheres through endless thinking, thus closing the door of the 7th chakra (passage of Vital Energy). The consequence of which is the lowering of people’s immune system, as explained in detail in the 4th book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing“. Society is getting increasingly ill because of living disconnected from their Vital Energy (Essences).

The beliefs of the past have caused wars, people fighting against other people for geopolitical and economic interests, generating fear, suffering and death.

Believing that humankind’s reality is the only and true one is causing the death of the transcendental reality of Nature in the unconscious walk of civilisations. Nature that maintains the balance of life on Earth.

The beliefs of the past that govern humanity, make people fight among themselves and against their environment in order to maintain their selfish lifestyles that pollute and kill ecosystems and all their inhabitants.

Ideological or religious beliefs make humankind the only species on the planet that voluntarily annihilates their fellow human beings.

Viruses are mechanisms that maintain the balance between species, but mankind has already decimated thousands of animal species and their habitats, so animal viruses mutate and pass onto people because of having fewer and fewer animal hosts.

Therefore, known viruses kill humans to control their increasing density of population, since they have become the dominant species on the Planet.

People’s beliefs and lifestyles kill the entire Planet. They kill the dawn of future generations and of life itself.

Unique Universal Vaccine

There is solely one vaccine against the deadliest virus of all time (beliefs), it is that people learn to connect with their own Essences, allowing the passage of Vital Energy through the 7th chakra, raising their immune systems and natural self-esteem, and eliminating existential fears. 

Transcendental knowledge and Heart-Essence connection is simple and easy to learn from the maximum sincerity and spontaneity, but impossible to do from the rational mind. 

This is what “Weare” (Alain Tello Robledo) and the AtelTrainer Team teach to people prepared to transcend.

When each person unites with themselves (mind-body-Essence), they unite at the same time with all Essences, just as all Essences are born and united from the Source of the Universe, which is the Energy that gives Life, far from religions.

AtelTrainer prepares people to communicate with each other from the Essences. 

The meaning of life is manifested in the sincerity of innate intentions.

From there, destructive criticism, anger, jealousy, violence, selfishness disappear.  

Through the communication from Essence to Essence only union, intuition, transcendental inspiration, harmony and creation among all is born.

Thank you for your actions of tomorrow for a better world.

Thank you for wanting to stop believing in what others say and start letting yourself be guided by your own Essence through your intuition.

The New World only needs you to stop believing anything in order to start feeling everything.

Transcendental Love Hug,


Weare” – Alain Tello Robledo – “Beingist

           & AtelTrainer’s Team ♥︎

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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