The Lost Oasis

The Lost Oasis in the Middle of the City


Living in a second floor flat, without a balcony in a quiet building in the region of Valencia… where the sun rays that fill the rooms of my home are so ephemeral that I have to time them…

…after 20 years in my pleasant indirect lighted flat, I discovered that right above my head was a calm and quiet place that used to be used to hang clothes… now it is used for television antennas… Yes, our communal terrace! What a discovery! I no longer have to walk to the nearest park to be able to breathe and sunbathe… I now have terrace with wonderful views.

The city hustle and bustle is below.

The sun and breeze caress us whilst we look up to the blue sky that is usually brushed with white tails made form passing airplanes.

There a lots of people living in the city who have lost this pleasant oasis to breathe, which is just above us… Did you know? I am using it to practice Tai Chi, breath and meditation.

Thanks to the owners community…we promise not to use a jump rope on the rooftop…

Your friend,
Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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