The key to liberation!

The key to liberation!


Through the nervous system the mind suffers from fears, doubts, hormone’s interactions, malicious behaviors, etc.

Science, modern and alternative medicine, as well as known spirituality, try to resolve all these issues and imbalances, from the mind and nervous system themselves. 

The mind suffers the inputs from hormones and from the memories that have been ingrained since childhood in the deepest parts of the subconscious mind but it is not guilty; it is a victim!

The mind is only responsible for its own actions and behaviors that stem from the choice of its intentions.

The mind is a victim, like the computer is a victim of the USBs and DVDs that have been plugged to it.

The mind is the victim of deep memories that were inserted at birth, like for example the hormones (feminine-masculine) are inserted into us when we are born.

Both society and parents, unconsciously plug different hard drives into their children’s minds (rules, principles, religions, etc.), with mainly good intentions to help them be accepted and happy, but…
There is a USB that has been disabled. It is the connection with the “Essence”: energy that gives life to bodies and minds.

To revert all this process of fake beliefs and liberate the mind and nervous system from so many imbalances, we just need to habilitate and permanently connect to the Essence, located in the chest-heart zone. 

From there on, fears, doubts, hormone activations… are felt from a different place, and will therefore lose power and importance in favor of reconnecting to what is truly crucial (the energy that gives life) until they fade little by little, because of having been put in the background.

This will help the mind to free itself and connect with long lasting peace, to enjoy the more harmonious and desirable world that is coming. 

If you suffer from the fears the mind creates, it is because you are in the mind’s “room”.  While being in your heart/essence’s “room”, you will feel the fears of your mind drift further and further away, without suffering from them. That is the first step towards your deep liberation.

Alain Tello Robledo
Ancestral Healing Center

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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