The Dawn of my Vocation

The Dawn of my Vocation


All the professional and personal experiences I acquired over the years have provided me with knowledge and success. All these experiences I acquired over the last 51 years (1961) have awoken another level of knowledge, which they don’t teach at universities or don’t have an answer to, like: What? Why?

When I was 23/24 years old, I looked for answers to these questions…Why? and What?…

When I started practising martial arts, my interest in oriental philosophies and religions began. Finally I felt more comfortable with Taoist philosophy, helping to try to understand the balance between things…

When I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I said “a forest watchman” or a “gym teacher”.

Finally, my curiosity to learn about the world and other cultures overcome my childhood expectations and motivated me to study tourism and international commerce so I could travel and see the world.

I did it. I travelled as an executive to many places of the world; and in the end I realised that there was nothing like home.

The philosophical seed which can be called Taoist is what I sowed in my inner self when I was twenty years old. Some years ago, I decided to listen to my intuition and swap my suit for a tracksuit, creating a company called

The book I published at the beginning of 2013, called the “AtelTrainer Method” (Psycho-Fitness Holistic)” is the sprout of the aforesaid seed that I germinated for 27 years. The yearned leaves and flowers will come in time with little efforts and with the flow of the surroundings, with all of you…

It’s never too late to wake up. My mission in life as most people is to continue to grow. For me, it’s through sport that I define as healthy exercise. The Art of Living! The Art of Movement!

At the foot of the Western Pyrenees in France, sports were the shadow of my personality since my childhood. However I didn’t notice or pay all the attention it deserved, as I was set on looking to the future, the far horizon as if I was looking towards the sun of the following day, forgetting about the present soft and warm feel of the sun rays in autumn. I didn’t notice my sporting shadow until I reached the summit of my success.

Only when I stopped to look at the present was I able to see and feel myself and start to get to know my deep inner self.

<<< So many executives could be happier doing some gardening! >>>

<<< So many gardeners would obtain a greater calmness and enjoyment if they could smell the perfume of their marvellous flowers! >>>

Why lose time studying the roots of a flower if we really want to admire the beauty of its petals and refined fragrance.

My endless path towards my own and environment well-being is AtelTrainer. What’s yours?

My path is to achieve my own and AtelTrainer’s transcendental universal mission. What’s yours?

Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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