As it is defined commonly, symptom is the revealing manifestation of a disease. It is a sign or hint of something that is happening or will happen.

A person realizes that is “sick” when symptoms appear, sometimes strong symptoms as headache, high fever, or more subtle such as tiredness, apathy, etc.

But, before a symptom appears, there is an internal “energy” imbalance. Imbalance generated by having to adapt to a meaningless lifestyle that is disconnected from the essential.

In general, modern medicine recognizes diseases but only treats symptoms. This is how chronic patients are created, who are large consumers of medicines that only relieve symptoms.

When symptoms disappear, both doctors and “sick patients” think that he/she has been cured. What simplicity!

Those who suffer symptoms regularly are considered chronically ill.

They are invited to take medicines every day to relieve or eliminate symptoms. They are automatically labeled as sick people forever.

Resigned patients consume more and more medicines as symptoms tend to increase over time, as internal imbalance is growing too, because of wrong adjustment to destructives lifestyles and fake realities.  Also symptoms get worst being body’s defenses “immune system” detrained or annihilated. Low self-esteem or resignation does not help at all for having to live as slave of “diseases” because of the fear / ignorance to change, for not having paid attention to one’s inner voice and identity on time.

A great and loved person of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) told me one day, there are no diseases, only sick people.

It is very good and necessary to treat symptoms to avoid unnecessary suffering. But the words disease and sick should disappear from human’s language. In the animal kingdom they do not exist.

True healing can only be within oneself. When the internal balance is really restored, automatically the immune system will become more and more trained to defend ourselves.

Illness appears because of disconnection from the source, as I explain in my fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

The greatest internal imbalance of a person appears and grows when one lives following his/her social identity believing it is the true one; without realizing that social identity is just an invention created by ignorant and arrogant human minds that walk to the opposite direction of nature and destiny of the universe.

Internal balance can only exist when one walks with total ignorance at first, following the steps of intuition that will guide to one’s heart. Then the essence and true identity of one’s will be revealed discretely and patiently, through the materialization of one’s transcendental intentions to unite and live in harmony.

There can be no peace in this world if there is no peace in every heart of all beings that inhabit it.

“Generalized diseases” followed by thousands of symptoms, are the result of internal division of human beings, victims of an incoherent system…

Transcendental  Love  Hug to all desiring hearts for a better world,



Alain Tello Robledo
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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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